Baby Dress Available Soon!

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UPDATE: Thank you for your interest in this crochet pattern! It is now available HERE.

I finished this little baby dress last night (shown in this photo unfinished). Well, at least it WAS a little baby dress. I stitched it up, unsure of the size. I was just waiting until I finished it to settle on the size information.

I measured everything and finally decided that the prototype sample turned out to be about three to six months. What happened later has changed everything.

You see, I’m using Cascade 220 fingering which is a 100% wool. I dipped it in water for its water bath and the dress immediately grew out quite a bit. I haven’t measured yet but it almost looks like toddler size. Quite unexpected! And, no, I didn’t swatch first. I didn’t have a size in mind so it didn’t matter. When size matters, swatching is crucial.

You gotta love using a fiber that will allow you to only have to stitch basically half a garment and wash it in order to get the full garment! ha!

The pattern for this is already written. I just need to decide on what size I now have and figure out some creative photography. 🙂

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