Charleston Cloche

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CrochetKim Free Crochet Pattern: Charleston Cloche

Charleston Cloche

designed by Kim Guzman

Technique: Regular Crochet

DESIGNER NOTE: This is the most insane pattern I’ve ever written. If you quickly read through it, your eyes will likely gloss over and roll to the back of your head before you pass out. Seriously. The clusters are crazy. They’re so big and seem to go on forever, first in one spot then in another spot and the next cluster starts in the spot where the previous cluster left off. Crazy!

People were having such a hard time that I made a quick video. I wasn’t set up to make a video at the time, but people begged me for it. Even though I’ve received emails about the video because of its poor quality, many people have been able to use it so I’ve left it online.

Let’s just say that this pattern requires a lot of concentration. One cluster takes an entire paragraph of instruction. Did I mention crazy? If you must, get out some highlighters and mark off each step of the cluster individually.

Once you get it, it’s super easy and finishes very quickly. It’s just that learning bit. Give it a go and enjoy the journey of the challenge.

Feel free to review the video HERE.

Click here for PDF download of the written pattern.

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