From My Hook Collection: Green Camo from Jim’s of Oregon

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From My Hook Collection: Jim's Wood of Oregon: Green Burl Wood

I’ve featured Jim’s Wood of Oregon on my website previously HERE and HERE. His work is top-notch and, with unlimited funds, I could probably go a tad crazy in his shop.

Jim’s Wood of Oregon is an eBay seller. You can find all of his hooks available HERE. I bought this hook on etsy, though. The shop is Art Functional Wood. The artisan’s name is Jim and he’s in Oregon. I don’t know. I think they really must be the same person.

ANYWAY….. would you just look at that hook??!! It’s camouflage! That is just the coolest thing. I was thrilled to get this hook.

Note that the ends are made in ebony wood, the two purplish bands are purple heart wood and that awesome camo is called buck eye wood. It’s a green burl and it just happens to be that way. It wasn’t dyed or manipulated in any way. Just the coolest. thing. Ever.

I really can’t recommend this artisan enough. If you find yourself in the market for some extraordinary hooks or, if you need to make a list of things you would like to get for Christmas, you may want to consider Jim’s work. You won’t be disappointed.

This hook is displayed on my Peacock Lace Infinity Cowl HERE.


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