How to Print Free Patterns

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CrochetKim: How to Print Free Patterns

One of the things that happens quite frequently in my Facebook group HERE is the question about how to print the patterns found on the internet. With the internet encompassing thousands upon thousands of free pattern websites, you quickly find out that each one is different and will require you to handle the printing in a different way. Here are my tips that I’ve provided to our group members.

1) Some of the bigger websites have the money to “house” direct PDF downloads for you (Ravelry, Annie’s Attic family of websites, Red Heart, etc.): Click on the download button to download them to your computer.

2) Some of the smaller websites are run by people who can’t afford to “house” the PDFs on their websites AND work 60 hours a week giving you free patterns. They will sometimes have a Print Friendly button which allows you to print or make the pattern into a PDF download yourself. Look for the Print Friendly button. Print Friendly automatically adjusts to whatever printer you have connected. If you have no printer connected, it goes to a default setting. Either way, it’s controlled by your settings.

3) If the website doesn’t have a Print Friendly button, visit, put in the site URL and you will get a print or PDF, your choice. Alternatively, drag the Print Friendly bookmarklet onto your toolbar which will allow you to PDF or print ANY page on the internet. I use it all the time for recipes as well.

4) Some websites will make an ad-free PDF download for you and it will be a minimal fee, if you don’t want to make the PDF yourself. We don’t complain. We love people who offer free patterns and, it’s perfectly fine with us for them to offer an ad-free PDF download for a fee since we know that the PDF is ad-free and they’ve got to make a little bit of income somehow for working so hard to give us free patterns. It’s still a free pattern.

5) If you aren’t able to do any of these things, the last ditch effort that works all the time is Ctrl+P.


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