Maura Rolled Brim Hat

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Maura Rolled Brim Hat

designed by Kim Guzman © Mar. 2014

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Technique: Tunisian Crochet

Finished Size

24” at base, when measured flat, will have a slightly less inner circumference once seamed


Noro Cyochin (86% wool/7% mohair/7% silk, aran weight, 189 yards per 100 grams): approx. 260 yards or 2 hanks, shown in colorway #01

Suggested hook sizes: 5.5mm [US I-9] 14” Tunisian Afghan Hook (or size to match gauge) and 5.5mm [US I-9] regular crochet hook

Round shank button, desired size, desired color (optional)

Yarn needle

Deborah Norville Interchangeable Tunisian Hooks
Available at Annie’s

Deborah Norville Interchangeable Tunisian Crochet Hook Size I


With Tunisian hook in tks, 14 sts for 16 rows equals 4” (Project is worked at a tight tension.)

Special Stitches

Tunisian knit stitch (tks): Insert hook between front and back vertical bars coming out at back of work, yo, pull lp through.

Tunisian knit stitch 2 together (tks2tog): Insert hook between front and back vertical bars of two stitches together, coming out at back of work, yo, pull lp through (1 stitch decrease).

Video Tutorials

Please see my YouTube channel for both right- and left-handed versions of the Tunisian crochet stitches in this project:

Right-Handed Playlist

Left-Handed Playlist


Unless instructed otherwise, close all rows as follows: Ch 1, [yo, draw through 2 lps] across (1 lp rem on hook counts as first lp of next row here and throughout).

Additional Abbreviations

ch=chain; dc=double crochet; hdc=half double crochet; lp(s)=loop(s); rnd=round; sc=single crochet; sk=skip; sl=slip; st=stitch; yo=yarn over


Hat is worked flat, then seamed once completed.

Row 1: With Tunisian afghan hook, ch 85, insert hook in 2nd ch from hook, yo, pull up lp, [insert hook in next ch, yo, pull up lp] across to end—85 lps on hook, close normally (see Note).

Row 2: Sk first vertical bar, tks across—85 lps on hook, close normally.

Rows 3-23: Rep row 2.

Row 24: Sk first vertical bar, [tks2tog, 12 tks] across to end—79 lps on hook, close normally.

Row 25: Sk first vertical bar, [tks2tog, 11 tks] across to end—73 lps on hook, close normally.

Row 26: Sk first vertical bar, [tks2tog, 10 tks] across to end—67 lps on hook, close normally.

Row 27: Sk first vertical bar, [tks2tog, 9 tks] across to end—61 lps on hook, close normally.

Row 28: Sk first vertical bar, [tks2tog, 8 tks] across to end—66 lps on hook, close normally.

Row 29: Sk first vertical bar, [tks2tog, 7 tks] across to end—49 lps on hook, close normally.

Row 30: Sk first vertical bar, [tks2tog, 6 tks] across to end—37 lps on hook, close normally.

Row 31: Sk first vertical bar, [tks2tog, 5 tks] across to end—31 lps on hook, close normally.

Row 32: Sk first vertical bar, [tks2tog, 4 tks] across to end—25 lps on hook, close normally.

Row 33: Sk first vertical bar, [tks2tog, 3 tks] across to end—19 lps on hook, close normally.

Row 34: Sk first vertical bar, [tks2tog, 2 tks] across to end—13 lps on hook, close normally.

Row 35: Sk first vertical bar, tks2tog across to end—7 lps on hook, yo, pull through all 7 lps simultaneously, fasten off. With yarn needle, seam hat, matching row-to-row. Weave in ends.


Rnd 1: With regular crochet hook, ch 2, 6 sc in 2nd ch from hook, sl st to first sc.

Rnd 2: Ch 1, 2 sc in each sc around, sl st to first sc—12 sc.

Rnd 3: Ch 1, sc in first sc, [2 sc in next sc, sc in next sc] to last sc, 2 sc in last sc, sl st to first sc—18 sc.

Rnd 4: *Ch 7, sk ch, sl st in next ch, sc in next ch, hdc in each of next 2 ch, dc in each of next 2 ch, sk sc from rnd 3, sl st in next sc, rep from * 7 times more, except on final repeat, sl st in first sl st, fasten off.


Attach optional button to center of Flower, with yarn needle, attach Flower to Hat as shown in photo. Weave in all ends securely.

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