Temperature Blanket Partial Update

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CrochetKim Temperature Blanket Partial Update

This is a photo update of my project, but it really doesn’t look much different than my last photo. I can’t seem to fit the entire project at my photography station anymore and I’ll have to work out something different for future photos.

I’ve completed 1/3 of my temperature blanket so far and I absolutely love it. I love the randomness of the striping. I love the yarn I’m using: Stylecraft Batik DK. And, I’m really loving the light weight of a blanket worked in back loops only throughout with a DK weight yarn.

You may be asking how I’m 1/3 through the year when we’ve just started March. I decided to do a prior year. I simply couldn’t commit to working on a project for an entire year. I have a hard enough time spending three days on a project much less 300+ days.

I wasn’t interested at all until I discovered the Weatherghan website which has historical weather data. I was able to find my birth year in the city where I was born. I loved the idea and started right away. If it weren’t for having to also do other things, I would probably be a lot further now.

I’m not really a weather nut or anything so I’m not sure why I like it so much other than the entirely organic nature of the color stripes.

The biggest problem I foresee in doing a project like this, especially on a current year, is not knowing how much yarn you’ll be using. If you don’t know the temperatures, how will you know? With doing a prior year, it’s possible for me to break it down completely.

Temperature Blanket Partial Update

I planned out my temperatures based on some yarn I already had available. I planned six-degree increments. It looks like the biggest steady temperatures for the year are between 79 and 96 degrees. I know already that I’m going to need more of the three colors for this range. With a project like this, I’m always scared of discontinued yarns or discontinued colors so I’m going to play it safe and get more of the three colors. Luckily, they’re less than $3 each. Bonus!

As I’ve said before, I had to make up a stitch pattern to keep this beauty at the size I wanted. As with all my patterns, I’ve made it available on my website, but I don’t have everything listed since it’s not finished yet. I’ll post all materials data on the crochet pattern page once it’s complete. You can find the pattern HERE.

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