Amigurumi Eyes: Everything You Need to Know

We recently covered the best yarns for amigurumi, so this week we will discuss one of the finishing touches: amigurumi eyes.

We will discuss the options for eyes, then look at safety eyes in detail. 

Amigurumi eye options

When making amigurumi, the finishing touch of adding eyes seems to bring the little creation to life. You can choose from the following options to add eyes to your stuffed animal. 

Safety Eyes

One of the easiest ways to add life to your finished project, safety eyes are inexpensive and available in various colors and sizes.

Safety eyes are also used in many commercially manufactured stuffed animals; therefore, using safety eyes will help your work look more professional. 

Learn how to attach safety eyes


Simple stitches are an easy way to add features to your amigurumi. Using your yarn needle and complimentary embroidery floss or yarn, a few stitches can add eyes, blushing cheeks, a nose, or even a mouth. This is the most affordable way to add features to your amigurumi. 

Needle Felting

A popular way to add highly detailed features to your amigurumi, needle felting is a skill that needs to be developed to produce highly artistic details. 


Stiff felt can be cut with a die-cutting machine in unique and fun shapes. The options for cut-felt eyes are endless!

Types of Safety Eyes

You can find two basic types of safety eyes: colored or solid black. Other than the colors, the safety eyes are essentially the same. 


Colored safety eyes come in a wide variety of sizes and colors. Each eye includes three pieces: the eye, a colored disc, and the safety backing.


Safety eyes

To apply colored safety eyes to your amigurumi, place the disc over the peg on the main eye portion, with the colored side facing the eye. Insert the peg between the stitches where you want the eye to stay. Push the curved back onto the peg until it clicks a couple times. 

Purchasing options

Colored safety eyes can be purchased in bulk sets with many colors, many sizes, or a little of both. 

16-30 mm Safety Eyes in Five Colors

With six different sizes included, this multi-colored safety eyes set will add a bit of sparkle to your amigurumi. This set is good if you make various sizes and styles of stuffed animals. 

Safety Eyes 50 Pack

This 50-piece set of safety eyes comes with five colors. You can choose which size you need, from 8mm (tiny) to 28mm (very big). This set is perfect if you make a consistent size amigurumi and want to change the colors to match your yarn. 

Bonus Pack

This extensive package includes various colored safety eyes in multiple sizes, the same sizes in plain black eyes, and 50 safety noses (yes, you can get cute noses, too!)

This bonus pack includes all the eyes and noses you need to begin your journey making amigurumi. This set is perfect if you like making many different styles of amigurumi and stuffed animals!

With Eyelashes

This unique set of colorful safety eyes has lashes already attached to add that extra dramatic effect. After you choose the size and color you need, you will soon have 10 sets of glittery, dramatic safety eyes ready to use. 

Unique Patterns

I ordered this set of safety eyes last year to add to the amigurumi I made for my kids. This set includes fun holographic patterns on the eyes. This listing will provide you with 10 pairs of your chosen size of shiny safety eyes. 

Dragon Eyes

Do you enjoy creating fantastical creatures? This unique set of eyes features a slitted pupil and a variety of colors. This set includes 20 pairs of 16mm eyes to enchant your unique creations. 


Many crocheters love making little amigurumi dolls and want more human-like eyes for those creations. This set includes three different sizes of green, blue, gold, hazel, and brown eyes. 

Black Safety Eyes

Simple black safety eyes are a classic. You will find these on traditional teddy bears, modern bumble bees, and kawaii amigurumi whales. These little black eyes are the simplest way to start using safety eyes since they include only two pieces: the eye and the back. 


Insert the stem of the safety eye through the stitch where you want it to stay. Secure the back firmly onto the stem until it clicks several times. 

Purchasing Options

All the Sizes

This bulk set includes a few of every size from 6mm – 12mm. With so many sizes to choose from, you can make tiny to large amigurumi and have an eye for each one.

Bonus Pack

If you are looking for all the sizes and all the noses, look no further than this set. With 180 eyes and 86 noses securely stored in a neat box, all your amigurumi making needs are met. 

Kawaii Eyes

Do you want something cuter than the little black eyes but also want to avoid sparkly eyes? Look no further than this sweet set!

The black eyes feature two little white dots to imitate the light flare on cute anime eyes. This set includes 50 pairs of eyes in five different sizes. 

Pro Tips

While using safety eyes is simple, the application can sometimes be a little challenging. If you are struggling, try these tips.

Washer Tool

If you are struggling to get the safety washer on your safety eyes, try one of these unique tools to brace the washer while you gently but firmly tap the eye with a mallet.

Keep it Tight

Remember, the safety eye is only safe if the washer is on so tightly that you cannot remove it with your hand. If the eye or washer wobbles, try to push the washer on tighter. 

Before Selling

If you plan to sell toys that use safety eyes, please check local laws to ensure that you comply with any safety testing that might be needed. 

What will you make?

Now that you have had the complete run-down on safety eyes, are you ready to make your first amigurumi? Which will it be, a bear, or a bumblebee?

And what style of eyes will you choose? The options are endless, and your creativity will lead you to the perfect little amigurumi eyes.