How to Attach a Pom Pom to a Crochet Hat

Beanie season has arrived! This article will discuss topping your favorite beanies and hats with a pom pom. First, we will look at different types of pom poms, then the best ways to attach them. 

Types of Pom Poms

Most beanies are topped with one of these two types of pom poms: either a yarn pom pom or a faux fur pom pom. 

Yarn Pom Poms

Usually, a yarn that coordinates with your beanie is made into a pom pom using a pom pom maker, like this high-quality one from Clover.

These poms are a classic! Make sure to spend extra care wrapping them tightly since they fall apart easily if they aren’t made well. 

Faux Fur Pom Poms

An elegant take on the classic pom pom, the faux fur poms, add an elevated touch to your project. They can be purchased in bulk from Amazon, or better quality ones can be bought by handmade sellers on Etsy. Pay close attention to these two things when purchasing pom poms:


Not all faux fur poms are made in the same size. Smaller ones are available for children’s beanies (usually about 4”) and larger ones (about 6”) for larger hats.

Attachment Style

Faux fur pom poms come in three attachment styles: snap, elastic loop, and ties. Since each attachment style uses a different technique, we will discuss each type in detail. 

Attaching a Yarn pom pom

When you make a yarn pom pom, leave two longer tails when you trim the pom to shape.

  • Using those two tails, tie the pom pom securely to the crown of the beanie. Ensure the knot is inside and won’t be seen when the beanie is worn.
  • Once your pom pom is secure, dab a dot of flexible fabric glue on the knot inside the beanie to ensure that the pom pom won’t go anywhere.
  • Remember that beanies will need to be hand washed if the pom pom is not removable. 

Attach a Snap Style Faux Fur Pom Pom

Since faux fur pom poms cannot be machine washed, having a removable option is best to ensure the longevity of the beanie. Snap style pom poms are easily installed using these steps:

Step One: Attach the snap to the beanie

Using a needle and thread that matches the yarn of your beanie, sew the snap to the crown of the hat. 

Step Two: Attach the pom pom

The pom pom should already have the snap attached to it. Simply snap the pom pom onto the beanie. 

Attach a Elastic Loop Faux Fur Pom Pom

Using the elastic loop to attach the pom is a little more involved than using the snap, but it keeps the pom pom very secure but still removable. 

Step One: Attach a button

Turn the hat inside out. Using a needle and thread, sew a button into the crown. The wearer won’t feel the button inside the hat. You could also choose to use a pom pom keeper if you aren’t comfortable with a needle and thread. 

Step Two: Loop the elastic over the button

Insert a crochet hook through the crown of the beanie from the inside to the outside of the hat. Grab the elastic loop with the hook and pull it through the beanie. Loop the elastic over the button. 

Attach a Faux Fur Pom Pom with Ties

Most handmade faux fur pom poms from Etsy include nylon ties instead of snaps or elastic loops. 

Step One: Tie the pom pom to the beanie

Using a crochet hook, pull both ties to the inside of the beanie. Tie them firmly in a double knot. 

Step Two: Glue in place

Dab a dot of flexible fabric glue on the knot and let it dry. Finish it off by trimming the ends. 

Tips and Tricks for Using Pom Poms

While pom poms are generally simple to use, these tips will ensure you get the best results. 

Fluff them

Faux fur pom poms are usually purchased in bulk and arrive in a plastic mailer envelope. They are often squished, wrinkled, or flat. Before putting them on your beanie, spend ten seconds fluffing them with a warm hair blow dryer for the best results. 

Remove them

Before washing a beanie, the pom pom should be removed to preserve it. Yarn pom poms will fall apart in an aggressive washing process. 

Faux fur pom poms are prone to melting in the high temperatures used in drying laundry. If you prefer the beanies to be easy to care for, use an application method that keeps the pom pom removable. 

Experiment with them

While pom poms are most often used to top beanies, find new ways to elevate your crochet projects with them. 

On blankets

You can use any application method to add a pom pom to each corner of a throw. Yarn poms add a playful touch, while faux fur pom poms add a sense of sophistication to an otherwise simple afghan. 

See free crochet blanket patterns.

On scarves

My favorite way to use pom poms is at either end of a scarf. Every year, I make long scarves with pom poms on each end. They are a big hit at markets and as gifts! 

See free crochet scarf patterns.

On slippers

When I make slippers for my little girls, I like to add a pom pom to the toe of each slipper. It reminds them of Tinker Bell! I love watching them dance around in their pom pom slippers. 


Pom poms, made from yarn or faux fur, can add a touch of whimsy, sophistication, and finesse to your crochet projects. When the application method is made simple, you can quickly and easily add them to almost any project! What will you make with pom poms this fall?