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August 2016 Crochet-Along Voting


We’ll be starting a new crochet-along in my Facebook Crochet-Along group very soon. We are currently in the voting stage and these are the 12 contenders. All patterns are free. Please feel free to join my group HERE if you would like to participate.

It turns out that this is a pattern round up for some free crochet patterns for handbags, so feel free to click and enjoy! You don’t need to join the crochet-along in order to enjoy the patterns.

1. Large Market Tote Crochet Pattern by Lauren Brown

2. Crochet Star Stitch Tote by Joanne Loh

3. Flower Purse by Meladoras Creations

4. Crochet Fat Bag by Teri Heathcote

5. Crescent Bag by Kim Guzman

6. Crochet Spiral Beach Bag by bobwilson123

7. Scrapalicious Bag by Creative Crochet Workshop

8. Pop of Pink Vertical Chevron Bag by Cre8tion Crochet

9. Flower Child Bag by Tera Kulling

10. Gemstone Lace Market Bag by Dorianna Rivelli

11. Sturdiest Ever Market Bag / Beach Tote by Celina Lane

12. Rainbow Runner Tote Bag by Tamara Kelly

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