15 Of The Best Crochet Hook Cases (Get Organized Fast!)

Where do you store your favorite crochet hooks when they aren’t in use? In this article, we will take a close look at the top organizers for crochet hooks in the following categories:

  • Travel cases
  • Storage cases
  • Desk organizers

Top picks

These are our favorite from each category. 

Best Storage Case
Large Organizer - BTSKY Case

The large organizer is my favorite! If you also enjoy trying all the different styles of hooks, this is definitely the one for you. 

Best Travel Case
Teamoy Travel Roll Case

The travel roll case is our top pick because it can hold the most, has extra pockets to contain everything you might need, but folds up so small. 

Best Rolled Case
1000 Stars Clutch Case

The 1000 Stars Clutch Case holds the most at a competitive price. 

Best Desk Case
Wire Mesh Desk Organizer

The wire desk organizer is the most efficient use of space at an amazing price. It also has plenty of storage for other notions and tools.

Best Project Bag Case
Leudes Yarn Storage Organizer

The Leudes project bag and hook case holds a generous amount of yarn, has a very efficient organizer for hooks and tools, and it's just so cute!

Best Hook Case Crochet Pattern
LittlehandCrochet Fox Hook Case

The LittleHandCrochet fox hook case pattern takes the cake for me. This beautifully elegant pattern not only meets a need, but is so creative and unique.

Travel Cases

Travel crochet hook cases are designed to contain just a few hooks and keep them safe as you travel.

They conveniently fit into your purse, project bag, or carry-on while also protecting your hooks. 

Teamoy Travel Roll Case

This travel roll case folds up against itself to store more things but takes up less space in your bag.

It uses elastic loops to hold your hooks in place. You can also store small notions, scissors, and extras in the three small mesh pouches. 

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  • 20 hook slots
  • 3 mesh zippered pockets
  • Protective flaps to cover hook heads
  • Rolls to take less space
  • Tie closure

Prym Crochet Hook Roll

The Prym Crochet Hook Roll is the most basic of crochet hook cases. This small, cylindrical pouch can hold a complete set of hooks.

The double zipper closure and easy-open feature make it easy to see all the pouch contents. The hooks are not separated by elastic loops but all together. 

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  • One large pouch
  • Room for a complete set of hooks
  • No protective flaps
  • Very compact
  • Zipper closure

Knitting and Crochet Travel Case

This knitting and travel case is perfect for knitting needles and crochet hooks. It is also convenient for carrying Tunisian crochet hooks, which tend to be longer than traditional hooks.

This case has mesh slots and elastic loops to hold the crochet hooks. The padded cover provides excellent protection for your tools. 

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  • Two pages of slots
  • Room for a couple sets of hooks or needles
  • One mesh pouch for notions
  • Padded for extra protection
  • Zipper closure

Storage Cases

Storage cases are perfect for storing your collection of crochet hooks. While some of us keep only one set, some of us have developed quite an obsession with crochet tools

Small Organizer

This small organizer is still generously sized to safeguard your collection of crochet hooks. It can hold two sets of hooks and contains an additional pouch for scissors, tape measure, or other crochet tools. 

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  • Holds around 20 hooks
  • Two pages of slots
  • Two pouches for notions
  • Padded for extra protection
  • Zipper closure

Medium Organizer

This Boye storage case is a basic case that will hold up to 24 hooks. The case has slots for hooks of specific sizes. The padded cover protects your hooks from damage. 

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  • Holds 24 hooks
  • No pouched for notions
  • Padded for extra protection
  • Elastic loops keep hooks in place
  • Zipper closure

Large Organizer

This large organizer is the one I use. Technically a pencil case, this sizeable zippered case is padded for protection. It can hold up to 200 crochet hooks (yes, I have too many!!).

With a case this size, you can continue to grow your collection and try every style of hook you want!

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  • Holds around 200 hooks
  • Several pages of slots
  • Elastic loops keep hooks in place
  • Padded for extra protection
  • No pouches for notions

Rolled Cases

Handmade rolled cases add a beautiful touch to your craft room. Not only are these handmade hook cases one of a kind, but they can also hold so many hooks!

1000 Stars Clutch Case

This one-of-a-kind handmade clutch case contains 11 wide slots that can fit one ergonomic hook or a couple standard hooks each. The zippered pouch at the end can hold all your notions. 

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  • Handmade
  • Holds at least 11 hooks
  • One pouch for notions
  • Trifold with magnetic closure
  • Fabric flap protects hook heads

Tea and Cake Make

This handmade pouch has 9 slots of varying widths to hold a variety of hook sizes. A larger slot at the end is perfect for a small pair of scissors. This pouch also includes a ring to store your stitch markers on. 

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  • Handmade
  • Holds at least 9 hooks
  • Room for scissors and stitch markers
  • Roll up with tie closure
  • Fabric flap protects hook heads

YwY Crafts and Supplies

This beautiful and delicate handmade crochet hook case can hold 10 hooks. It is padded for protection and includes a fabric flap to protect the hook heads. 

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  • Handmade
  • Holds 10 hooks
  • No room for notions or scissors
  • Trifold with snap closure

Desk Organizers

Perhaps you are a visual person and prefer to see your hooks on display. With these desk display cases, you can enjoy your hooks even when you aren’t using them. 

Furls Crochet Display Case

This beautiful collectors display case can be purchased in a 10 hook or 20 hook box. Made with high-quality materials; this luxury case will display your finest hooks in the nicest way. 

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  • Holds 10 or 20 hooks
  • Takes up a lot of desk space
  • No room for other notions

Wire Mesh Desk Organizer

Thinking outside of the box, this desk organizer is for pencils or pens, but crochet hooks are basically the same size! This organizer can hold countless hooks. It also has plenty of space to store scissors, notions, and tape measures. 

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  • Holds countless hooks
  • Takes less desk space
  • Lots of room for notions
  • Drawer for extras

Bare Feet in the Grass

If you are looking for something handmade and artistic, this gorgeous pressed flower and gold leaf resin organizer is for you!

This desk organizer can hold at least a complete set of crochet hooks, possibly more, and has room for your favorite pair of scissors. 

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  • 8 individual slots, 2 larger slots
  • Room for scissors and extras
  • Handmade
  • Takes very little desk space

Project Bag Cases

Sometimes you want a case that can carry some yarn with you. Don’t worry; I know the perfect case for you!

Leudes Yarn Storage Case

This backpack-style yarn and hook case is not only elegant but also functional.

It can hold up to thirty 50 gram balls of yarn with interior pockets that allow you to pull from your yarn without tangling with the stored yarn. The front zipper pouch has room for multiple crochet hooks, knitting needles, notions, and more. 

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  • Perfect for large projects
  • Can fit 2-3 sets of hooks and needles
  • Lots of pockets for notions
  • Very comfortable to carry
  • Zipper closure

Five to Six Custom Crochet Hook Storage Bag

This customizable crochet hook and storage bag is handmade. Perfect for small projects, like socks, this pouch has enough room for two 50 gram balls of yarn.

Inside the pouch are pockets labeled with the hook sizes to quickly locate which one you need. The exterior pocket provides room for extra notions. 

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  • Perfectly sized pockets for hooks size B/1 – N/15
  • Room for a small amount of yarn or other supplies
  • Outside pocket for notions
  • Fully customizable
  • Handmade

Luxja Yarn and Hook Storage Bag

This small case can hold one or two 50 gram balls of yarn. The yarn pocket has little holes to pull the yarn through without tangling. This bag also has a pocket for crochet hooks and notions. 

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  • Two sizes, 8” bag or 10” bag
  • Separate pockets for hooks and notions
  • Zipper closure

Make your own!

Of course, if you are on a budget or just want to have fun, you can always crochet your own hook case!

Nicki’s Homemade Crafts

This crochet pattern can hold a single set of hooks and has two pouches for notions. Using simple stitches and some assembly, you can quickly make your own crocheted hook pouch. 

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  • Make it yourself
  • Holds one set of hooks
  • Two notions pouches
  • Bi-fold closure
  • Made in pieces and assembled

Chunky Hunky Creations 

This easy pattern can be made in two different sizes. The larger can hold 11 hooks, while the smaller size holds 3. This pattern is made from fewer pieces, so assembly is simple. 

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  • Holds 11 or 3 hooks
  • No notions pouches
  • Bi-fold closure
  • Made with double thickness for added protection

Little Hand Crochet

This fox-faced crochet hook storage pattern gets a special mention because it is just so cute. This detailed pattern stores one set of hooks and a pair of scissors in little lace pouches. The case folds closed and buttons shut. 

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  • Holds 8 hooks and a pair of scissors
  • Extremely cute and detailed
  • Beginner – intermediate level pattern


Whether you prefer to travel with your hooks, store them with a project, or keep them beautifully displayed on your desk, you can easily find the storage solution of your dreams using this list.

You can also make your own case or support another handmade artist by purchasing from them. Either way, you can’t go wrong with these crochet hook case options.