Can You Take Crochet Hooks on an Airplane?

In this article, we will discuss the current laws and regulations around taking crochet hooks onto an aircraft. We’ll also look at which hooks are best to bring and what supplies are good to pack in a carry-on.

So, Can you take crochet hooks on an airplane?

The short answer is yes – you can take crochet hooks on domestic and international flights. However, always check with TSA and your airline’s details before packing your favorite hooks.

Check with TSA

While you are currently permitted to bring crochet hooks on a plane, the carry-on guidelines are subject to change.

Check with the TSA before packing your hooks. Please also remember that the final decision rests with the TSA agent who is screening carry-on luggage. 

What is the best hook to carry on

While technically, you can carry-on any crochet hooks, I recommend that you have an inexpensive set for traveling, just in case the TSA agent decides to confiscate your hook. 

Metal Hooks

Metal hooks are usually fine to travel with but are more likely to be confiscated by TSA agents. If you must use metal hooks, choose an inexpensive and easily replaced hook. 

Wood Hooks

Wooden hooks are less likely to get flagged by TSA but are easier to break. If your carry-on gets stepped on or crushed, you might lose your hook to damage. 

Plastic Hooks

In general, I dislike working with plastic hooks. But when it comes to flying, plastic is my hook of choice. These hooks are strong enough to endure some abuse, cheap enough to be replaced, and less likely to be confiscated by TSA. 

What other supplies can I bring in my carry on?

Of course, we need more than hooks to finish a project. What other tools can you carry on?


Yes, sewing needles and needlepoint tools are currently permitted to be carried on. We recommend keeping them in a needle case to keep them safe. 


Yes, but only scissors that are 4” or shorter from the pivot point. Check out these small scissors that include a sheath for traveling. 

Safety Pins

Yes. If you are making stuffed animals or need to seam a sweater, having safety pins on hand may be handy. 

Yes, but…

While the current guidelines state that you can bring your crochet tools, always check the TSA website before you pack. Also, consider purchasing a set of tools you won’t mind losing and replacing should they get lost, broken, or confiscated. And most importantly, enjoy your travels with your crocheting!