14 of The Best Scissors for Crochet (Functional and Beautiful!)

The satisfying final step, trimming the excess yarn, yields a sense of completion and peace like nothing else.

But nothing is more frustrating than struggling to cut through the yarn with dull scissors.

In this article, we will look at our favorite scissors for crocheting. 

Best Quality
Fiskars 5 Inch Softgrip Scissors

Fiskars are known as the best of the best when it comes to cutting fabric or any kind of fiber. These scissors can be a little more expensive, but the blades are sharp and durable. They will last for a very long time before losing their edge. 

Most Affordable
Hisuper Embroidery Scissors

Embroidery scissors are an excellent choice for trimming yarn. This beautiful pair of scissors comes in at a great price. It also includes a case to protect the edge and your work. 

Singer ProSeries Snips

The Singer Snips are sharp and durable. The unique snips shape is popular for those with dexterity issues since it is easier to hold. 

Types of Crochet Scissors

There are several types of crochet scissors, so we’ve broken them into sections and given our top recommendations for each.

1. Embroidery Scissors with a Cover

If you like keeping scissors in your project bag, a case is a must. These beautiful embroidery scissors are not only functional but beautiful enough to star in your Instagram photos.

Hisuper Cute Embroidery Scissors

These affordable and beautifully detailed scissors come in a wide array of colors, from holographic to floral to classic gold.

They are the perfect blend of size and functionality with a sharp 3.6″ blade and a cover. They are so affordable that you could buy a set for each project.

Hisuper Sewing and Embroidery Scissors

These tiny scissors are 4.5 inches from tip to handle. The elegant floral engraving on the handle gives your project a sense of beauty and peacefulness.

Complete with a leather case and available in three different metal finishes, these embroidery scissors are perfect for the crocheter who enjoys aesthetic things. 

Sheath Chain Scissors

These scissors are the ultimate practical fashion for the crocheter. These elegant stainless steel scissors are sheathed in a metal case that doubles as a necklace.

At 3.5 inches total, these tiny scissors are perfect for on-the-go crocheting – or just wearing around to show your love of the arts.

Classic Stork Scissors

Believed to have originated as clamps used by midwives to cut umbilical cords in the 19th century, stork scissors are still widely used today – but usually to cut threads and yarn. These classic style scissors are sharp and durable with a small leather case. 

2. Snips Scissors

The snips style is a u-shaped utensil with two sharp blades. This style is much easier for those who struggle with the tiny handles of embroidery scissors. 

Singer Snips

The ProSeries Singer Snips are sharp enough to cut even the toughest cotton but also comfortable to use. These 5″ thread snips have a thick, comfortable handle that is ideal for crocheters struggling with grip strength. These ergonomic scissors are sharp, comfortable, and versatile. 

Simax Snips with Case

This set of four simple snips Scissors gets high marks for affordability. Each includes a cover for the sharp blades to keep your work safe if you store your scissors with your project. These tiny snips might not be as comfortable for some crocheters since they are very thin. 

Fiskars Thread Snips

Fiskars offers a simple, practical design with minimal style. These simple snips feature the signature sturdy Fiskars blades with a lifetime warranty. These snips do not include a case or ergonomic handle, so they are best stored away from your yarn.

3. Scissors Set

While one pair of scissors is all you really need, many crocheters like having several to choose from.  

Singer Pro Series

The complete set of Singer Pro Series includes their embroidery scissors, ergonomic snips, and heavy-duty fabric scissors. If you like to upcycle fabrics into yarn, are a multi-crafter, or just like having a variety of sizes to choose from, this set is perfect for you. 

Asdirne Titanium Coating Sewing Scissors Bundle

This all-inclusive bundle includes two sizes of crane scissors, yarn scissors, and fabric scissors. Each of these four pairs of scissors is sharp and durable. They are strong enough to cut burlap and cotton without snagging or wearing out. 

Vintage Embroidery Scissor set

This elegant set of vintage-inspired scissors will set your heart aflutter when you open the protective box. This set includes 3 unique scissor designs, each sharpened to a point. These stainless steel scissors with an antique finish are sharp and durable. They can be sharpened again for continuous use if they lose their edge.

4. Folding Scissors

When space is tight, folding scissors are a magical answer!

Fiskars Folding Scissors

These small scissors fold in on themselves, making them safe to store with your project. They are TSA compliant. The sturdy, trademark Fiskars blades have a lifetime warranty for sharpness and sturdiness. 

TTSAM Mini Folding Scissors

These tiny scissors fold up to fit in the smallest spaces. You can carry them on a key chain or in your project bag, so you are always prepared to snip off the ends of a finished project.

They have zero comfort features, though. The handles are thin stainless steel, just like the rest of the design.

Tatuo Stainless Steel Scissors

These small travel scissors fold in on themselves for safe traveling and tuck the blades into self-contained sheaths to protect your work even further. 

The plastic handle provides minimal comfort but is still better than the steel handle of other kinds. The unique method of folding makes this style of scissors fold down tiny while possessing a larger blade than other travel scissors. 

Features to consider

While many types of scissors will work, these features will add to the ease and joy of completing a project. 


Just like yarns come in different sizes, so do scissors. I recommend smaller scissors, between 2-4 inches in blade length. Smaller scissors will lend more precision to your cutting, making it easier to avoid accidentally cutting your work. 


Yarn can sometimes be challenging to cut if the scissors aren’t meant to cut fibers. Getting a sharp pair will prevent the need to saw through the yarn.


If you plan to store scissors in a project bag, selecting a pair of scissors with a case will protect your work from snags or accidental cuts. 

Choose the right ones

With so many scissors choices, you will surely find a pair in your budget for any occasion. Just remember to get a pair made for cutting thread or fabric. You should have no problem cutting any style of yarn with the right scissors.