Best Ergonomic Crochet Hooks 2023 (Protect Your Hand Health)

Our love of crocheting can often be hindered by the amount of pain caused by using a traditional crochet hook. 

Most crafters find that using an ergonomic crochet hook will increase the amount of time they can crochet comfortably.

This article will look at the top ergonomic crochet hooks available to keep your hands comfortable and healthy while you make your favorite projects.

The Workhorse
Amour Crochet Hook Set

This set of ergonomic hooks is one of the most popular in the crochet community. These hooks feature a smooth aluminum hook cushioned in a soft silicone handle. These are an upgrade from a basic ergonomic hook at a mid-level price point. 

Budget Pick
WeCrochet Bright Hook Set

This basic ergonomic hook set is one of the most affordable on the market. This hook is lightweight, comes in a large set, and is cased in a soft silicone handle that works for anyone.

The Best Ergonomic Crochet Hooks Reviewed

Furls Streamline

These handcrafted ergonomic crochet hooks feature a unique long tapered handle. The hook head is a hybrid of the tapered and inline hook style. 

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Furls crochet hooks come in wood, resin, and pewter. They are priced from $14 to over $100 per hook for the premium options. The Streamline hook is my favorite. I try to snag one when they have a sale to fill out my set. 

To learn more read our in-depth Furls Crochet Hooks review.

Clover Amour

This workhorse of a crochet hook is one of the most popular in the community. Available in a wide range of sizes, this hook is perfect for any project, from thread lace to super bulky blankets. 

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These hooks are priced in the mid-range for a full set. The tapered aluminum hook heads are extremely smooth and glide beautifully through any yarn. The soft-touch silicone handles are comfortable for both knife and pencil grip crocheters. 

We Crochet Brights

The most budget-friendly ergonomic crochet hooks, We Crochet Brights are extremely lightweight. The metal hooks are generally smooth, but not as much as the Clover Armour. The silicone handle is firm and comfortable for most crocheters. 

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These hooks feel cheaper than the Clover Armour or Boye Ergonomics, but they are a great entry point for a set if you are on a budget. 

Boye Ergonomics

The Boye Ergonomics set falls in the middle between the We Crochet Brights and the Clover Armour. The soft, silicone handles are more similar to Clover Armour, but the aluminum hook heads are less smooth. 

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I’ve had a couple Boye Ergonomics come with burrs on the metal that caught and pulled at my yarn.

However, more often than not, I’ve been very happy with the quality of the Boye Ergonomics set. This one is priced between the Clover and Brights sets. 

The Hook Nook Interchangeable Set

The Hook Nook Interchangeable Set includes 2 ergonomic handles and 6 interchangeable hook tips ranging in size from H/5 mm to N/10 mm. The included case is beautiful and convenient for traveling.

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I found this set a little squeaky right out of the case, but they started to move more smoothly with a little use. If your hook doesn’t smooth out with use, try rubbing it between your fingers to get a little oil from your skin on the hook. This will help your hook glide more smoothly through the fibers. 

The hook tips screwed securely on the handle and didn’t come loose when I crocheted with them. Overall, this is a good quality set for the price.

The Hook Nook Resin Hooks

Hook Nook Resin Hooks are a more affordable alternative to the Furls Streamline Swirl resin crochet hooks. The Hook Nook Resin Hooks come in sizes G/6.0mm – N/10.0mm. Each hook is dyed a different color to make it easier to distinguish the size. 

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In general, the finish on these hooks leaves a little to be desired compared to the Furls resin hooks. The hook tips are not as smooth or as deep as most crocheters prefer. These hooks might also be prone to breaking if you crochet very tightly. 

Clover Soft Touch

Clover Soft Touch hooks have the same beautiful and perfectly functional hook tip that you find in the Clover Armour. The handle, however, is flat and wide for a different grip for those who don’t enjoy the traditional ergonomic handle.

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These hooks are well regarded in the crochet world. I highly recommend picking one up to see if the flat handle works best for you if you have struggled with other ergonomic hooks.

Tulip Etimo

Many crafters consider Tulip Etimo hooks the Holy Grail of crochet hooks. The hook head falls into the inline style with a shallower throat than tapered hooks like Boye or Clover. The handles are smooth, rounded rubber without a flat spot for your thumb. 

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This set is made with premium aluminum polished to perfection to prevent flaking or chipping. These hooks are available in singles or as a beautiful gift set that includes a case and nice scissors.

Tulip Etimo offers a basic black set, a pink rose set, and a beautiful red set (which might be my favorite). You definitely cannot go wrong with this highly-rated hook. 

Addi Swing

The Addi Swing takes ergonomics crochet hooks in a different direction than other companies. The swing hooks feature a uniquely curved handle made from two different plastics, one colorful and soft, the other hard and white. 

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Crocheters seem to either really love the unique hooks or hate them. While this hook style is not my favorite, many crocheters with arthritis claim these are the best for hand comfort.

The unique handle may take some adjusting to, but these hooks are considered top-tier ergonomic crochet hooks. 

Prym Crochet Hooks

Prym Ergonomics crochet hooks are popular especially among UK crocheters and are beginning to gain popularity worldwide. These hard, plastic hooks feature a gently tapered handle with a brightly colored silicone lattice. 

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The Prym hook heads feature an inline hook style, like Susan Bates, and might squeak a little with certain yarns. Plastic hooks work especially well with wool yarn, but they squeak more with synthetic and cotton yarn. This hook set is affordable and unique.

CroChic Styles

The Crochic hooks are handmade by an up-and-coming crochet hook business. Each resin hook is hand-poured, then turned on a lathe to create a unique and beautiful piece of art. The hooks are sanded and polished to a perfect finish. 

These hooks are available in limited quantity runs each season. They are an investment piece at roughly $50 per hook. The CroChic Styles hooks are on my wishlist!

Alternatives to Ergonomic Hooks

Perhaps you have already invested in a standard set of aluminum hooks, like the classic Boye or Susan Bates sets. If you aren’t ready to invest in a full set of new ergonomic crochet hooks, you can use one of these affordable tools to modify your hooks for a more ergonomic experience. 

Susan Bates Comfort Cushion

The Comfort Cushion comes in a set of two and can be slid onto your traditional aluminum hooks. These cushions are narrower than most ergonomic hooks but provide better grip and better comfort than the aluminum hook without a grip.

Note: They can be difficult to apply to your hooks and are nearly impossible to remove once they are on. 

Boye Ergonomic Crochet Hook Handle

This removable crochet hook handle can fit hooks sized B/2.5 mm – K/6.5mm hooks. This comfort grip is rather bulbous but works especially well for those who use the knife grip when crocheting. This tool might help you crochet longer if you struggle with grip strength. 

What is an Ergonomic Crochet Hook?

Crochet hooks were originally designed from various gauges of wire with a little crook turned at the end.

Ergonomic hooks improve on this original design by considering the shape of the hand when holding a hook. With an ergonomic handle, your hand can grasp the hook in a more relaxed fashion, which improves the overall health of your hands if you spend hours crocheting. 

The Benefits of Using an Ergonomic Crochet Hook

Ergonomic crochet hooks are designed to improve your comfort while crocheting, so you can spend more time doing what you love.

Crochet requires repetitive motions, which can be mentally relaxing but physically taxing. Crocheting requires consistent tension in both hands and wrists as you guide the hook and yarn to create your masterpieces. This can quickly cause tendonitis or other repetitive motion injuries.

When you use an ergonomic hook, you can crochet with less tension, making injury less likely. 

My First Ergonomic Hook

I still remember my first Boye Ergonomic crochet hook. I experienced an immense amount of relief the first time I used that hook – and I knew I would never go back.

I highly recommend all crocheters invest in some sort of ergonomic crochet hook set, so you can continue to practice your craft for years to come. 

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