Fan Project Share: Pineapple Cascade Baby Dress Free Crochet Pattern

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Yesterday, I was browsing a Facebook crochet group and saw this project photo. I recognized it immediately as the Pineapple Cascade Baby Dress HERE. The project was made by Kyann Berger Martin and she’s given me permission to share her photo here.

So many of you have had questions about altering the size of this design and I wanted to let you know what she has done with this one to make it an adult size medium.

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Kyann used Premier Cotton Fair yarn with a 3.5mm hook. This yarn is a bit heavier than the original yarn which alters the pattern a bit and then she changed the stitch count as well.

It’s probably helpful if you work the pattern as written so you know how the construction works. The design starts at the top on 80 stitches then it splits for five spaces in the front, five spaces in the back and three spaces in each of the two openings for the armholes.

Kyann started with 100 stitches at the beginning instead of 80. When, she split, she had one more space in each section. She considers this dress to be a size medium and for a large/extra large, you add another 20 chains, adding another space for each section. She used approximately six balls of yarn for this size.

Kyann knocked this project up a level by adding the superbly clever embellishment around the neckline. Never underestimate the power of embellishment!

If you are a member of CROCHET ADDICT Facebook group, you can talk to Kyann directly HERE. (May 18, 2018 Note: Kyann is no longer a member of the group, but you can still read her post to see her answers to questions from group members.

Pineapple Cascade Baby Dress

Here is another example of how to adjust the size for this design. Rachelle Freeman of my Facebook group did this one and gave me permission to use her photo.

“I loved doing this project! I used Lion Brand Mandala yarn and an I hook to make one for my almost 3 year old daughter and ended up with a rather large piece that fits me perfectly as a shirt! Then I tried again with an F hook and made a perfect fitting dress for my daughter! Can’t wait for us to wear these together!” –Rachelle

If you are a member of my Facebook group, you can talk to Rachelle directly HERE.

I hope these projects will inspire you to give this pattern a try. It’s obviously very versatile. Just experiment and I’m sure you’ll be able to get the size you need. Enjoy!