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Free Knit Pattern: Cabled Heart Hat

Free Knit Pattern: Cabled Heart Hat

This brilliant hat is designed by Rebecca Venton and includes pretty cabled hearts around it. So clever!

The cables here aren’t difficult at all. They’re not very wide so it would be very easy to make them without a cable needle.

Unlike most cables which are usually 4, 6 or 8 stitches wide, these are only two or three stitches wide and a couple of stitch crossings aren’t even. You’ll have one stitch crossed over (or under) two.

I was able to find a terrific video from Linda of Purl Avenue to demonstrate knitting a small cable without a cable needle, which you can see below. Thank you, Linda! See Purl Avenue HERE for more of Linda’s work.

The hat is worked from bottom up and is worked flat then seamed.

Although I wouldn’t want to be the one to try to figure out how to make the hearts in a top-down variation, you can easily modify this to working in the round instead of flat for you DPN ninjas.

Be sure to swatch since size 10 needles may be too big for your personal tension and feel free to use a smaller needle if you prefer a tighter rib at the beginning.

The hat, as you might guess, has a very wide stitch repeat in order to make the heart. If you need a child size hat, you might simply decrease your stitch count by 17. If you need more fine tuning, you will want to plan out evenly-spaced increases between the hearts.

Pick up your free knit pattern download at Red Heart Yarns HERE.


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