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Free Knit Pattern: Honeycomb Throw

Free Knit Pattern: Honeycomb Throw

When browsing for free knit patterns to feature at Make It Knit, I stopped in my tracks to admire this one. It’s so deliciously retro in these colors!

I had a quick browse at the Ravelry projects and you certainly don’t need to stick to these colors. There were some really incredible color combinations. If you’re a Ravelry member, you can see the finished projects here.

This stitch pattern for this project is outstanding. The really fun thing about a stitch pattern like this is that slip stitch forms the color shapes. You don’t need to change colors mid-row. All the color changing happens by slip stitching and carrying those stitches up to the current row, basically just covering up sections of color to create the outline of the “honeycomb bubbles”.

Slip stitch colorwork is really fascinating and, once you take away the intimidation, you will quickly discover just how fun it can be. There are entire books developed for the mosaic looks formed with slip stitching the colors.

I think the most tedious part of this project is going to be the side trim. It’s made in garter stitch with only one color throughout. You need a separate ball of yarn for each side and you only work five stitches with it then you move into the stitch pattern. If you find that you really don’t want to do that, I see no reason why you can’t omit these stitches and add your own trim once finished.

Pick up your free knit pattern download at Red Heart Yarns HERE.


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