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Free Knit Pattern: Speckled Scarf

Free Knit Pattern: Speckled Scarf

While browsing knit patterns, I discovered this fascinating beauty which looks like it would be an amazing project to make for anyone, male or female. The scarf looks like it’s reversible with more of one color on one side and one side on the other. I’m always intrigued by color patterns like this so I had to know more.

After reading through the pattern, I discovered that it’s really very easy. This is so easy that it will make a wonderful project for a first time two color project. Ordinarily, you may think that you are going to be switching colors back and forth in a row, but that is not the case here. This project incorporates slip stitches to pull one color up into the next row so it gives you the illusion of switching back and forth.

Let’s break it down so you have a better idea of the ease of this stitch pattern. There are only four repeating rows. Two of those rows are knit. The other two are knit the first stitch and then you will will repeating “slip stitch, knit stitch” across. Other than those slip stitches, you are just making a garter stitch scarf! You just can’t get any easier than that.

The only new thing you may need to learn is how to do a slip stitch. That’s easy. You just insert your needle in the stitch, pass it over to the right handle needle without working anything and then you just carry on with you knitting. That’s it. You have a garter stitch scarf with some slip stitches.

The key ingredient when you’re learning to knit is how you actually insert your needle when you slip a stitch. The default way is to insert your needle into the loop as though you were to purl then you’ll just slip it over. You will slip your stitches purl wise, unless the pattern specifies otherwise. In this pattern, you will be slipping stitches on both the front and back sides so you need to keep the yarn to the back when you’re working on the front side and to the front when you’re working on the back side. This keeps the wrap in the back of the work. If you have trouble determining the front (right side) and back (wrong side) of your work, you can place a stitch marker on the front of row 2 so you will always know that the stitch marker side is the front side.

I’ve included a nice video from Staci of Very Pink Knits which demonstrates all the different variations of a slip stitch. Of course, you will only need the first two for this particular scarf. Always remember that the default way to slip is purlwise with yarn in back when the pattern isn’t specific.

Pick up your free knit pattern from Purl Soho HERE.

Free Knit Pattern: Mosaic Blanket

Once you have mastered this technique with the Speckled Scarf, you may want to consider this gorgeous Mosaic Blanket, also from Purl Soho. It includes the same technique demonstrated in the scarf but adds even more detail with the lattice formations. You can pick up the free pattern for this one HERE.

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Find Staci of Very Pink Knits on Ravelry HERE.

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