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Free Knit Pattern: Super Chunky Slouchy Shrug

Free Knit Pattern: Super Chunky Slouchy Shrug

I’m always excited to find a knit project that is so fabulous and yet so easy that it’s perfectly suitable for beginners and will be finished so quickly by more experienced knitters that you’ll never have a dull moment. This project is one of those projects.

Just look at it. It’s wonderful. I want to throw it on my shoulders and curl up with a hot mocha cappuccino and a good book preferably by my favorite author, Anne McCaffrey.

Let’s take a closer look at this wonderful project. You cast on. You work in stockinette. Seriously, that’s it. You make a rectangle. What fun that a beginner can practice stockinette with something other than a scarf. I am so in love with this project. Imagine teaching someone to knit and their end result is something like this instead of a dishcloth. I know that would get me more excited to learn.

Michelle is very clever and she has suggested a teensy tiny bit of shaping around the shoulders to help keep your new shrug in place. What does this mean? You make 5 or 6 increases in one of the rows and then you just continue on those stitches for nine more rows and bind off. Boom. Done.

Do you need to learn an increase? How about a “Make 1 Below”? Check it out in the video I’ve found for you below. Thank you to Staci Perry of Very Pink Knits for the video!

Once you have your rectangle, you’ll only need to do a couple of quick seams. You’ll be using chunky yarns so I recommend that you look into seaming needles more suitable for chunky yarns.

Susan Bates Seaming Needle

And, that’s it! You can be enjoying your clever chunky shrug in only a weekend of stitching.

Pick up your free knit pattern at The Snugglery HERE.


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