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Free Knit Pattern: Tears of Joy Hat

Free Knit Pattern: Tears of Joy Hat

This is a fascinating stitch pattern which reminds me of the embossed leaves crochet stitch pattern, without all the bulk. It makes a perfect spring hat (or winter hat for those living in the Southern US). You’ll only need circulars for this project. No DPN ninja skills required.

I know that you’re going to say this hat looks difficult but, after taking a peek at the pattern, I really think it’s going to be fairly easy. The instructions may look intimidating, with several rounds to complete one “tear”, but I’m accustomed to this already after doing crochet pineapples for years and years.

If you look at the first set-up, you are going to be putting five stitches in one spot. That’s the bottom and makes that little hole at the bottom. With crochet, making five stitches in one spot just comes naturally because the stitches are independent of one another. With knitting, it’s not so straight-forward. I’ve found a video for you, though, and you’ll see very quickly just how easy it is to do this in knitting as well.

Thank you to Ratchadawan Chambers for her video of making a 1-to-5 increase. Start the video at about 1:03 to go straight to the demonstration.

Once you get past the big increase, the rest of the stitches are a breeze. You’ll be making a tube with no decreasing. When you get to the height you want, you bind off and cinch up the top.

Now, I just need to find myself a lovely purple yarn and see about stitching up this beauty.

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