Tunisian Crochet Fundamentals: The Foundation Row

Getting Started with Tunisian Crochet: Foundation Row CrochetKim Stitch Tutorial

English Name: Tunisian Foundation Row

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This is a typical Foundation Row. It is the one most often used. There are other types of foundations that can be used. The taller stitches and the lace stitch patterns will usually have a different Foundation, but this one is used most of the time.

Crochet stitch closeup

To begin, chain any number. Skip the first chain. I prefer to work into the back horizontal bar so I turn the chain over and insert the hook into the back horizontal bar.

Crochet stitch closeup

Yarn over and pull a loop through. Unlike regular crochet, you’ll be leaving this loop on the hook all the way across.

Crochet foundation row closeup

You will have the same number of loops on your hook as your beginning chain.

Crochet foundation row closeup

To begin the closing, you will do a chain 1 at the end. This is simple a “yarn over and pull through one loop”.

Crochet foundation row closeup

When the first loop is closed with the chain 1, you can see it here, turned on its side.

Crochet foundation row closeup

To continue, yarn over and pull through 2 loops on hook.

Crochet foundation row closeup

Repeat “yarn over and pull through 2 loops on hook” across.

Crochet foundation row closeup

You will end with one loop remaining on your hook which will be the first stitch of your next row.

Crochet foundation row closeup

Inspect your work so you can see all the stitches, both front and back vertical bars as well as the closing chain along the top.

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