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Jersey Mitts for Christian Free Crochet Pattern

Jersey Mitts for Christian | CrochetKim Free Crochet Pattern

When I first designed my Jersey Mitts, it was before Christmas last year. My son, Christian, then 10 years old, requested a pair for himself. We went on the website for Cascade 220 Fingering yarn and he chose two colors of his very own.

While I waited for the yarn to arrive, I became really busy working on the larger size of Jersey Mitts and then I worked on making full fingered Jersey Gloves. The thought of making another pair so soon afterward was too much. After three pair, I really needed to do something else, much to Christian’s dismay.

Making Adjustments to Fit Child Size

Christian finally got what he wanted, though. It turned out that it wasn’t that difficult. I just used hooks two sizes smaller than what is shown in the pattern. That’s it! No other alterations were necessary and they are a perfect fit for him. He. Loves. Them. And. Won’t. Take. Them. Off.

Try the Jersey Mitts pattern for free HERE.

UPDATE: It’s been two years and Christian is still wearing these mitts! He loves them so much. For a kid who tends to lose just about everything in his room at some point, he has been able to keep these “hand-y” all these time.

He just asked me last week for a new pair since these are getting a little small. We’ll have to pick new colors and I’ll need to stitch up some more. How fun! I love it when little crochet gifts are so appreciated.

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