Kansas City Cowl Free Knit Pattern

CrochetKim Free Knit Pattern | Kansas City Cowl

Kansas City Cowl

designed by Kim Guzman

This pattern was provided courtesy of Caron International Yarns. It is no longer available on the Caron website. I have been given written permission to post the PDFs only of my free Caron patterns. Since this is a Caron pattern, my Terms of Use do not apply. The Terms of Use may or may not be different than my own.

Technique: Knit

CrochetKim Free Knit Pattern | Kansas City Cowl

Tips: This accessory is designed to be worn in multiple ways. It can be worn as a capelet/small poncho, an infinity scarf or, doubled, as a cowl.

As a designer and pattern writer, each size of the accessory can be worn in the multiple ways. I did not provide additional sizing because, once there is significant growth in the size of the garment, one or more of these options is not conceivable. I had to stick to what is presented. You are, however, welcome to make any alterations to it to meet the size you need.

CrochetKim Free Knit Pattern | Kansas City Cowl

For the large number of emails I receive saying “This is just stockinette and doesn’t look anything like what is shown in the photo,” please read the next line of the pattern for further instruction. It starts out with stockinette and is then altered in the next line. Just read that very next line and you’ll be fine.

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