10 Free Crochet Patterns for One Closure Cardigans

One Closure Cardigans Collage

I was looking for one-button cardigans today but then I realized that I liked the other types of closures as well, hence, one closure cardigans.


1. Year Round Bobble Cardigan by Ann Regis for Red Heart United Kingdom (archived direct PDF only)

2. Flutter Cardigan by Rebecca Velasquez for Red Heart

3. Amimono Kimono by Marly Bird

4. Hairpin Lace Vest by Tammy Hildebrand

5. Azilal by Robyn Chachula for Berroco Yarns

6. Spider Lace Jacket by Brenda Bourg for Red Heart

7. Warm Weather Jacket by Joyce Bragg for Red Heart

Not Shown:

A person in a green shirt

8. Sparkling Cardi by Heather Lodinsky

A woman posing for a picture

9. Filigree Cardigan by Kimberly McAlindin for Red Heart

A woman posing for a picture

10. Love This Cardi by Tammy Hildebrand for Red Heart