Roundup: 16 Free Crochet Patterns for Light Lace Scarves

Link Blast: 16 Free Crochet Patterns for Light Lace Scarves

Below, you will find links to 16 free crochet patterns for beautiful lace scarves, perfect for cooler evenings and during the change of seasons.


1. Flowering Herb Scarf by Universal Yarn Design Team

2. Scallop Crochet Scarf from Lion Brand Yarn (requires free registration and login)

3. Flower Fall by Premier Yarns Design Team

4. Journey Scarf by Kim Guzman

5. Mirror Lake Scarf by Lisa Gentry (Direct PDF only.)

Not Shown:

 Light Lace Scarf

6. Beaded Lila Necklace Scarf by Kristin Omdahl

7. Sweet Pea Scarf by Sue Perez

8. Boho Pineapple Scarf by Taylor Tengelsen

9. Love Knot Scarf by Lucy Croft

10. Moonlight Serenade by Merri Purdy

11. Crocus Scarf by Laura Rintala

Light Lace Scarf

12. Zen and the Art of Stash Diving by Robyn Chachula

13. Ziggy Lace Scarf by Paula Fisher of Hook and Yarn

14. Violet Points Scarf by Annette Petavy

Light Lace Scarf

15. Broomstick Lace Scarf (Video and Text) by Naztazia

16. Queen Anne Lace Scarf by Catherynne Mattar