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27 Free Crochet Patterns for Tops Tunics and Sweaters Available in Plus Size

Link Blast: 27 Free Crochet Patterns Available in Plus Size

These are my favorite free crochet patterns which include plus sizes. The links also include smaller sizes. These are fashions that go up to at least 2XL and a couple of them, 5XL. If they were only available in plus size, I’m sure the companies would have hired plus size models, but, since they start at size small, the models are size small. I’ve chosen styles that I prefer myself and I’m sure you’ll love them too!

1. Summer Blush from Drops Design (sizes small through 3XL)

2. Breezy T by Brenda Bourg (sizes small through 3XL)

3. Simple Tunic by Kim Guzman (sizes small through 3XL)

4. Summer Breeze by Shannon Mullett-Bowlsby (sizes small through 4XL) (Direct PDF)

5. Nostalgia from Drops Design (sizes small through 3XL)

6. Sally’s Best Friend Cardigan by Jenny King (sizes small through 3XL)

7. Jolimar Skirt Doris Chan (sizes small through 2XL) (Direct PDF)

8. Drapey Crochet Vest by Tammy Hildebrand (sizes XS through 3XL)

9. Caribbean Skirt by Double Stitch Twins (sizes small through 2XL)

Not Pictured

10. Summer Breeze by Coats Design Team (sizes small through XXL)

11. Verano from Drops Design (sizes small through 3XL)

12. Ribbon Trimmed Jacket by Kim Guzman (sizes small through 3XL)

13. Talca Lace Tunic Kim Rutledge (sizes small through 3XL) (Direct PDF)

14. Summer Dress by Eleanor Burke (one size fits most)

15. Drapey Crochet Vest by Lorna Miser (sizes small through 3XL)

16. Donna from Drops Design (sizes small through 3XL)

17. Xian Kimono Jacket by Cari Clement (sizes S through 2X) (Direct PDF)

18. Zen Jacket by Doris Chan (up to 54″) (Direct PDF)

19. Nevertheless from Drops Design (sizes small through 3XL)

20. Yasmin from Drops Design (sizes small through 3XL)

21. Veranda Cardi by Melissa Mall (sizes small through 2XL)

22. On the Lace Cardigan from Bernat Yarns (sizes XS through 5XL)

23. Lady of the Cliffs Striped Jacket (sizes small through 3XL)

24. Rosario Vest by Randy Cavaliere (sizes S through 3X) (Direct PDF)

25. Cut-Away Cardi by Lisa Gonzalez (sizes small through 2XL)

26. Amimono Kimono by Marly Bird (sizes small through 3XL)

27. Cap Sleeve Top (sizes XS through 3XL) by Mary Jane Hall (requires free registration and login)

Enjoy! 🙂

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