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Making a Deco Mesh Wreath

CrochetKim: Making a Deco Mesh Wreath

About a year ago, I was over at my mom’s house and I saw this book on her table. She had become interested in this deco mesh stuff after her sister came to visit. When my aunt comes to visit, they do crafty things together. It’s what they do.


Or, purchase the download HERE

So, I guess she bought a lot of supplies because that’s what a respectable crafter doesn’t, right? And, she gave me one of the wreaths she had made.

I’m not a crafty kind of person so I was skeptical. I crochet and I knit. That’s it. I’m so obsessed with these two things that I’m afraid to even try spinning. I already have a yarn barn in my house. Why add roving to it?

So, she brought over this undecorated wreath she had made. And, I thought about it for weeks. Seriously.

I remembered that I had these decorative stick things with dried flowers in the hallway. They had been there for seven years. They were dusty, dirty and spiderweb-y. I went online and found a way to clean them. Donning the wire cutters, I cut off all the flowers. The suggested method of cleaning the flowers was to swirl them around in a big container of salt. Cleaning then commenced. It was turning into a recycle/reuse project and that’s just awesome.

Next up, I purchased a hot glue gun. I didn’t own a hot glue gun and I’ve never in my life used a hot glue gun. Did I mention that I’m not very crafty? My mother came over for a visit right after I purchased and it’s a good thing! She said “Nooooooo! You can’t use a hot glue gun on the mesh!” So, there went that plan. I then ordered some Aleene’s Tacky Glue to solve that problem.


So, I added my dried flowers and my fake leaves. I found some little berries on a wire stem thing. And, I added a gold bow because every wreath needs a bow.


And, there you have it! I made a crafty thing. I’m pretty proud of myself. 🙂

CrochetKim: Making a Deco Mesh Wreath
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