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My Temperature Afghan

CrochetKim: My Temperature Afghan

I don’t usually jump on internet crochet trends, so for the last two years, I’ve pretty much ignored the interest in temperature afghans. That all changed the other day, when I discovered the Weatherghan website HERE.*

What makes this so special is that I don’t have to commit to an entire year to “map out” all my own daily temperatures. With this website, I can put in some dates and choose a location which I can then use for my temperature blanket. This changed things for me, so I did a little internet browsing which made this more intriguing.

CrochetKim: My Temperature Afghan

I put in my birth date and my place of birth and this is how my own personal birth blanket looks.

I really wanted to use a completely different color palette. The rainbow colors are just too bright for my decor. I decided to do a little digging.

My initial thought was to purchase these yarns from Knit Picks. This is Wool of the Andes Tweed. Yes, I love it. I’ve always loved heathers and this would be outstanding and perfect for my decor.

CrochetKim: My Temperature Afghan

Unfortunately, it’s not feasible for me to purchase new yarn right now because my cup runneth over with yarn. I’m trying to organize and declutter. Buying more yarn isn’t in the cards right now. I decided that I would use the yarn I had available. I’m sharing my original color palette with you because it’s so pretty and may be inspiring to others.

I have absolutely no idea how much yarn I’ll need. I have two of each of this pretty Batik DK from Stylecraft. I decided to split up the degree increments a bit in order to spread the numbers out over the colors I have in the hopes that I’ll have enough.

Stylecraft Batik DK

CrochetKim: My Temperature Afghan Teal
Old Gold
Cherry Red
32° and below
89° and over

The website I used for my chart went by 10-degree increments. If you, like me, don’t have enough temperature fluctuations, you can change your increments. I changed mine to 7-degree increments. If I had gone smaller, I could have added a couple more colors.

The only thing remaining is to decide on a stitch pattern. I don’t want a super long blanket so I need short stitches. I rather like the ripple shown at the Weatherghan website. I’m not sure a single crochet would do it. I even thought about using a knit ripple and I found a stitch pattern I like, but I’d still like to use crochet. I’m still thinking about it and I’ll keep you posted! I strongly urge you to make a swatch of your chosen stitch pattern. I’ve seen afghans anywhere from 9-feet to 15-feet long! I really want to be able to use my blanket and I have a feeling that it’s going to become my favorite.

Update: I’ve now posted my project HERE.

*It’s important for everyone to realize that there is someone writing the code for the Weatherghan website; just a person, like you and me. They make no money for providing the service. It’s a new website and not all countries are currently represented. If the site owner was unable to find historical data on temperatures in some areas of the world, I’m sure it’s not from lack of trying. Her website isn’t a “weather” website. She can’t simply pull the data out of thin air. If your country isn’t represented, perhaps it will be later. In the meantime, try your local weather station, your library, Weather Underground, Time And Date, or Canada Climate Data.

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