Naples Wrap Free Crochet Pattern

Naples Wrap | CrochetKim Free Crochet Pattern

Naples Wrap
designed by Kim Guzman

This pattern was provided courtesy of Caron International Yarns. It is no longer available on the Caron website. I have been given written permission to post the PDFs only of my free Caron patterns. Since this is a Caron pattern, my Terms of Use do not apply. The Terms of Use may or may not be different than my own.

Technique: Regular Crochet

Naples Wrap | CrochetKim Free Crochet Pattern

This wrap is worked on a bias. Stitches are deducted at the beginning and added at the end. The short ends of the wrap are not straight across. They are at a diagonal. The stitch pattern itself is rather complex. However, once you add the shaping of the ends, it gets even more complex.

If you would like to try out a swatch of this design, please note that you’ll need a multiple of 12, plus 8. I used a foundation chain of 32 in order to test the pattern.

When you are working this stitch pattern, because of the bias, it is very easy to miss the last stitch. Please put a stitch marker or small piece of contrasting yarn on each beginning single crochet. This way, when you come back around, you’ll know exactly where the final single crochet is located. Trust me. It’s hard to see.

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