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Pinterest for Patterns


I frequently see many people frustrated by Pinterest. Pinterest is a tool like any other, but it’s not the end all and be all of searching. We’ve got Google for that.

Do you click the Bookmarks button on your internet browser to save websites? You may want to read something later or you may find a free pattern you like. You may find a photo of something you want to find a pattern for it later. You may like the combination of colors and want to save the photo so you can review it later. There can be any number of reasons why you click that bookmark button.

Stop expecting the end of the rainbow.

Do you ever go back through your bookmarks and discover that some of the links are dead? Sometimes you may need to clean out your bookmarks folder and get rid of things that no longer interest you. There may be things that you want to delete because you can’t remember why you bookmarked them. You may have found the pattern that you were seeking and no longer need the photo. Sometimes it doesn’t matter to you that the link is dead as long as you had some kind of record of it.

What if I told you that Pinterest is just someone’s bookmarks folder, except that it’s available for public viewing? Would it make more sense? All those Pinterest searches that end in frustration because it’s a deadlink–what if it was someone who purposely only wanted to save the photo? Pinterest is only a place where people house their bookmarks and everyone gets to look at them (kind of stalkery LOL).

I have had wonderful success with using Pinterest to find any number of things, but I have to remember that Pinterest is a tool. It’s limited and it’s international and, above all else, it’s not Google.

There are lots of pins on Pinterest that lead to actual patterns; just not all of them. By all means, use Pinterest! Just don’t expect it to always be the end of the rainbow.

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