Romantic Lace Throws: 5 Free Crochet Patterns

Romantic Lace Throws

A few months back, I noticed that I was seeing some fun crochet throws in home dec catalogs. They were made in simple stitch patterns in one solid color.

I know that so many of you like to make blankets for holiday gifting so I thought I would design some throws to meet that demand.

I used lace stitch patterns since they would produce the quickest results with easily memorized row repeats. I didn’t want something boring and I wanted it to go fast!

When I bought the yarn, I found some Red Heart Super Saver at Annies. I bought two three-packs in each color. As it turned out, with the throw size, I only needed four so you’ll be seeing these colors together in something else soon.

If you want to make a full size afghan, two three-packs will be enough, I’m sure. I’ve provided the stitch count for each pattern so you’ll be able to change the width, if you like.

Romantic Lace Throws Collage
Romantic Lace Throw

Romantic Lattice Throw

This is an adaptation of a popular pattern. I used a moss stitch for the diamonds instead of a solid single crochet. It makes for a less dense stitch pattern, which is especially nice for a lightweight blanket. Click here for pattern….

Romantic Lace Throw

Camelot Crossings Throw

With just a hint of the pineapple stitch pattern, this blanket went really fast and you would never guess it. Really pretty and I love the color. Click here for pattern…..

Romantic Lace Throw

Peony Passion Throw

This one was especially fun for me. I created the stitch pattern myself and I loved working on it. It’s always fun to create a stitch pattern and discover that it actually works! ha! Click here for pattern…..

Romantic Lace Throw

Graceful Shells Throw

This one came together very quickly. Anytime you can work into spaces instead of stitches, you can count on it being quick, quick, quick. Click here for pattern…..

Romantic Lace Throw

Magical Butterfly Throw

Such an unusual stitch pattern! So fun that it looks like butterflies. This one is just a two-row repeat so it’s much less difficult than it looks. Click here for pattern……

I hope you enjoy this five pattern series. I still have plans for two more! Happy crocheting!

Romantic Lace Throw Collage