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Still Working on This Project for Baby


I just wanted to post a bit of an update on this project. Due to my very hectic schedule of running two websites, two Facebook business pages and two Facebook crochet groups, it’s really hard to find the time necessary to finish baby blankets. It’s so much easier to do smaller projects, but alas, baby blankets are a love of mine.

When last we spoke of this project, I had swatched for it and I liked it well enough to start a blanket. As you can see I’m not very far into it and I have to finish it before I can post a pattern for it. I’m hopeful that I’ll only need this one ball of yarn for the entire blanket. Fingers crossed!

The pattern itself is pretty easy and quick to write but my service is more than just the written pattern. Other key ingredients are yarn usage, finished size, gauge, border/trim, etc. I have to get everything finished before I can hit the publish button.

This is a new original design. It is my own version of a basketweave and I’ve never seen this particular stitch pattern anywhere. It came out of my head. Please bookmark my site or sign up for my newsletter to get notification of the release of this pattern.

Until next time…


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