Best Stitch Markers for Effortless Crochet

Stitch markers are an essential part of the crocheters toolbox. Whether you are saving your work from unraveling or marking an important part of your work, choosing the right stitch marker can lessen the labor of a detailed crochet project. 

Best Bulk Bargain
Metal Lightbulb Markers

The metal lightbulb markers are our top favorite for affordability and quality. The metal is sturdy and reliable. At such a low price for so many, you could easily just use these and no other.

Best Specialty Markers
Katrinkle's Counting Numbers Marker Set

Katrinkle's row or stitch counting stitch markers are both cute and practical. Check out Katrinkle's shop for more fun crochet, knitting tools, and jewelry. 

Buy in bulk

You need a lot per project if you want to use stitch markers to keep your count and mark special stitches. 

Otylzo 500 locking stitch markers

This bulk pack of plastic locking stitch markers comes at a fantastic price. The markers come in one large container and are not sorted in any way. 

Meikeer 150 locking stitch markers

While you get fewer stitch markers for the price, these plastic locking markers come sorted into a good quality container.

Arranged by color, you could assign a color per project or a meaning, for instance, increase at the yellow marker, change color at the blue, etc. 

Mayboos lightbulb stitch markers

With 300 well-made metal bulb markers come sorted into a quality organizer. These high-quality markers work well with all weights of yarn. They don’t snag or tear the yarn. 

Buy specialty stitch markers

Many crochet artists create their own custom stitch markers. Since handmade markers can be pricy, I use them to save my work. I enjoy matching my markers to my projects. 

Hook Minder Markers

These handmade lobster clasp stitch markers feature a tiny acrylic crochet hook charm. The charm is inscribed with a crochet hook size. If you need to store a project for a while, attach one of these, so you never forget what size hook you were using. 

Row Number Markers 

Featuring a lightbulb clasp, the row number stitch markers include acrylic charms with numbers. Place them appropriately in your project to keep track of your progress.

SheInspired Designs

SheInspired Designs offers several variations on these coffee-themed stitch markers. With a convenient lever back closure that works with even the bulkier yarns, the stitch markers come with a gauge ruler that doubles as storage. Each wooden charm features a delightful coffee design. Check her shop for more options. 

Busy Beaver Boutique

A gorgeous set of resin and wood stitch markers, this unique set will surely bring you joy each time you use it. With a large lightbulb clasp that works with any size yarn, you will get lots of use from this artistic set. 

Cupcake Crochet Crafts

Cupcake Crochet Crafts makes adorable food theme polymer clay stitch markers. The detail on her little food charms amazed me! From donuts to hamburgers to gummy bears, this shop offers an adorable assortment of lobster clasp markers and progress savers. 

Duck and Rabbit

Duck and Rabbit is a small business in the UK that offers lobster and leverback clasp stitch markers with enamel charms. This shop allows you to choose the size and finish of clasp for your marker to ensure it is the right size for your project. 

When to use a stitch marker

Stitch markers are generally used in three ways with crocheting:

  • To save your work
  • Keep track of your count
  • Mark important stitches. 

Save your work

Accidentally unraveling a project is one of the worst experiences of crocheting.

Maybe your pet snagged the working yarn, or it got caught on something, and before you know it, three rows of work are gone.

Save yourself the trouble and keep a stitch marker in the last loop before putting your project down to prevent this disaster. 

Keep track of your count 

Large projects require a despairingly large number is stitches – that we have to count ourselves.

To prevent yourself from having to count to 682 repeatedly, place a stitch marker every 10 stitches or every 10 rows. You can them quickly and easily keep your count on track. 

Mark important stitches

Using stitch markers will ensure you make all your stitches in the correct place in patterns requiring frequent increases, color changes, or unusual stitch placements.

When working in the round, I also like to place a stitch marker in the first stitch of the round so I know where each round starts and ends. 

Types of stitch markers

Stitch markers can be simple or detailed, but they all possess one of the following closures. Some crocheters prefer a type of closure above others. Try them out to find your favorite.  

Lobster Clasp

The lobster clasp stitch marker looks like a charm you would wear on a bracelet. These stitch markers are often hand-made and unique. I prefer to use these to save my work. 

Leverback Earring Clasp

These handmade stitch markers are perfect for projects made with bulky yarns. 

Locking Stitch Markers

These plastic stitch markers are usually made of plastic, shaped like a safety pin, and available in bulk. These markers are suitable for counting and marking stitches. 

Lightbulb Stitch Markers

Another safety pin style marker, the lightbulb marker, is usually made from thin metal. The yarn rests in the lightbulb shape away from the clasp to prevent snagging. These are available in bulk. 

Pick your favorite 

With so many options, you will never be short on stitch markers. Bulk stitch markers are a fantastic choice if you are working on a budget or just need a lot.

Specialty stitch markers have some unique and fun uses – like tracking your row count or hook size – or they could just be a pretty way to save your project from unraveling.