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Sweetheart Ripple Wedding

CrochetKim | Sweetheart Ripple Wedding

My friends, something truly extraordinary happened to me. I was messaged by a young woman about her Sweetheart Ripple project and the string of emotions I had was overwhelming.

I have been designing and writing crochet patterns since 1997. I have had many ups and many downs. I have experienced many emotions, like the first time I was published. The first time I did a happy dance when I received a royalty check. The first time someone made something from one of my patterns and sent me a photo. Nothing in all these years could have possibly prepared me for this.

You see, Ria’s wedding day was scheduled for March. Outdoor photography would mean a chill in the air. She decided to make the Sweetheart Ripple for herself and her sister to cuddle under for photography. But, this creative young mind didn’t stop with just the afghans. She decided to theme her entire wedding based on the project! Her cards, her cake and her reception tables. Although it’s not shown above, but you can see on Ravelry page, even her shoes are adorned with little hearts.

Trying to properly convey to you the emotions I experienced would be nearly impossible because I was so touched, overwhelmed and honored. Let’s face it. I was crying. No, I was literally sobbing so hard I could barely breathe.

This right here was the most amazing thing I’ve ever faced in all my years of professionally designing. I am tremendously honored to have been included in spirit on Ria’s very special, personal day. Again, I say it. Internet=beautiful thing.

May you have a love-filled day!

To visit Ria’s project page on Ravelry, click HERE. (She has graciously opened it to public viewing for those of you who are not Ravelry members.)

All photos are used with the bride’s permission and the wedding photographer’s permission, Jamie Groom. Please see Jamie’s website HERE.

The Sweetheart Ripple Pattern Can Be Found Here

Reversible Ripple Afghans – Electronic Download
Reversible Ripple Afghans - Electronic Download

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