Tunisian Chain Top Loop Stitch Crochet Stitch Tutorial

Tunisian Chain Top Loop Stitch CrochetKim Crochet Stitch Tutorial

English Name: Tunisian Chain Top Loop Stitch (tchtls)


Stitch symbol

Level of Curling: Light to no curling. More information on the natural curling of Tunisian crochet.

Suggested Foundation: Typical foundation row.

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Foundation Row

If you are unfamiliar with the foundation row, or the first row, of Tunisian crochet, you’ll need to review our foundation row tutorial.

Tunisian Crochet Chain Top Loop Stitch: Step by Step

Instructions: For this stitch, you will work into the closing chain, sometimes known as the horizontal bar. Since these are only chains, it has the usual three bars to each chain. With the chain tipped on its side so the front bar is on top and the back horizontal bar is in the back, insert hook from front to back under the top loop of the chain, yarn over, pull loop through.

Notes: This stitch tends to bias since you’re working to the side of a stitch instead of directly on top of it. If you have biasing, you can alleviate it by working in a two-row repeat like you would for the full stitch. For example: work in each chain up to the last one and skip the last chain before working the last stitch. Then, on row 2 of the repeat, skip the first chain and work in each remaining chain across before working the last stitch. It’s hard to see when learning, so be certain to count your stitches.

This is one of those stitches without a common name in use. It won’t be unusual to see it named many different things until something “sticks”.

More Video Support

Right-Handed | Left-Handed

Yarn Support

The yarn shown in this stitch is Cascade 220 Superwash Wool in color 894 Strawberry Cream. Thank you to Cascade Yarns for providing the yarn for this stitch library.

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