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While Away from Home This Week

Free Crochet Pattern: Diagonal Ribs Washcloth by CrochetKim

Being self-employed, I work pretty much non-stop every single day of the week. The days just sort of run together into one big never-ending work day. As much as I love my work, it can certainly take its toll.

This week, though, I needed to get away and do some personal business. These times don’t come around very often and I have to admit that it took me a good several hours before I could switch off the work brain, but I’m so glad I did! It really helped so much. Of course I’m back “in the grind” now, but I really enjoyed those couple of days away.

When I was quickly packing, I nearly forgot that I should take something to stitch. I was between crochet projects so I just grabbed a ball of kitchen cotton and some knitting needles. If I just need to do brainless stitching, I know that I can make a Diagonal Ribs Washcloth. It’s my favorite stitch pattern and it’s so easy that I don’t need the pattern. You can pick it up HERE to check it out.

Now, I know this will make you laugh, but I always cast on with my crochet hook. Always. In fact, while I was sitting in that waiting room, I couldn’t even remember HOW to cast on without a crochet hook. So, there I was: unable to knit because I didn’t have a crochet hook. ha!

Thank goodness for my tablet and the internet. This video came to my rescue.

It’s so funny to think that I would have been gone for two days and couldn’t start a project. Christian even suggested that I just buy a crochet hook at the store. But, I got it figured out. One way or another, the crafter will prevail!

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