Chain Sleeve Tank Top Free Crochet Pattern

Chain Sleeve Tank Top

Chain Sleeve Tank Top
designed by Kim Guzman

Technique: Regular Crochet

CrochetKim Free Crochet Pattern: Chain Sleeve Tank Top @crochetkim

Gorgeous top made in two coordinating yarns, one with a beautiful metallic for the front of the bodice and then a stretchy stitch repeat for the sides and back for a perfect fit.

This garment is made with a negative ease measurement of 5”.

Note that the finished garment measurement is shown in the pattern. This measurement is not the intended bust size.

For instance, the size large garment measures 35” in circumference but is intended for a size 40” bust. The garment is intended to fit bust sizes XS (28”), S (32”), M (36”) and L (40”).

The finished measurement of the garment is less than the “to fit” size. The garment stretches significantly. If you are unfamiliar with negative ease, it is when the finished garment is less than the body measurement.

The finished garment will be less than the actual body measurement. Think of panty hose, which is the most obvious use of negative ease. It stretches to fit.

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