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St. Petersburg Coat Free Crochet Pattern

CrochetKim Free Crochet Pattern | St. Petersburg Coat

St. Petersburg Coat
designed by Kim Guzman

This pattern was provided courtesy of Caron International Yarns. It is no longer available on the Caron website. I have been given written permission to post the PDFs only of my free Caron patterns.

Since this is a Caron pattern, my Terms of Use do not apply. The Terms of Use may or may not be different than my own.

Technique: Regular Crochet

St. Petersburg Coat | CrochetKim Free Crochet Pattern

This pattern is written for sizes small through large only. The way this is designed, the size large requires over 5000 yards and the finished project weighs over five pounds.

As designed, it isn’t possible to provide larger sizes because the weight of the coat alone would affect the structural integrity. It’s certainly possible to make this in larger sizes by adjusting the pattern and the yarn used. Experimentation is required.

St. Petersburg Coat | CrochetKim Free Crochet Pattern

Note: There is a typo on this PDF. We won’t be able to change the actual PDF since it’s a Caron PDF which isn’t owned by us but we will leave a note here:

After Back Rows 2-3 (4, 4) (decrease), it should read:

Rows 4 (5, 5)-11 (12, 15). That’s a little difficult to read and I see where the tech editor would have easily missed that.

In other words, it would read: Rows 4-11 (for size small), Rows 5-12 (for size medium) and Rows 5-15 (for size large).

The text instruction for these rows will remain the same of: ch 1, work in established pattern across, turn.

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