Stacked Single Crochet Tutorial

Of all the turning chain alternatives, the stacked single crochet stitch is the most versatile. This technique can be used for any project, regardless of stitch height, yarn weight, or even if the starting stitch is in the center or on the edge of your work. Let’s learn the perfect turning stitch, the stacked single crochet!

Stacked Single Crochet

While being the simplest turning stitch, in my opinion, the Stacked Single Crochet also boasts the straightest edges and the most seamless transition to standard stitches as you continue the row. 

The stitch starts with a basic single crochet and continues adding single crochets on top of each other to reach the height you need. 

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Use the following illustrations and instructions to learn the stacked single crochet stitch. 

Step 1: 

Without chaining, single crochet in the first stitch of the new row. 

Stacked Single Crochet Tutorial - Step 1a
Stacked Single Crochet Tutorial - Step 1b

Step 2: 

Locate the front leg of the single crochet. 

Stacked Single Crochet Tutorial - Step 2

Step 3:

Work a single crochet in the front leg of the Step 1 single crochet.

Stacked Single Crochet Tutorial - Step 3a
Stacked Single Crochet Tutorial - Step 3b

Step 4: 

Continue adding single crochets in the front leg of the previous single crochet until you reach the height needed. 

Stacked Single Crochet Tutorial - Step 4

How Many Single Crochets to Stack?

First, determine the needed height of the starting stitch, and add the appropriate number of single crochets.

  • Single crochet (sc) row: Start with one single crochet
  • Half double crochet (hdc) row: One single crochet
  • Double crochet (dc) row: Two stacked single crochets
  • Treble crochet (tr) row: Three stacked single crochets
  • Double treble crochet (dtr) row: Four stacked single crochets

Aiming for Perfection

Stacked Single Crochet Swatch

I’m not adding a pros and cons list to this article because I cannot think of any cons to using the stacked single crochet method. The finished result is smooth and beautiful, while the technique is both simple and effective. 

For any project, the stacked single crochet will give you the best results as an alternative to the turning chain.