Terms of Use

For purposes of this Terms of Use, it covers all patterns designed by Kim Guzman and self-published at CrochetKim (hereafter known as “Kim Guzman patterns”. It does not cover the patterns in which I have written editorials. You will need to check with those individual designers about their own terms.

You may use Kim Guzman Patterns to make projects for yourself, your friends and your family.

You may use Kim Guzman Patterns to make projects for the charity of your choice.

You may use Kim Guzman Patterns to make projects for public or private raffles.

You may use Kim Guzman Patterns to make projects which you intend to sell at any venue, online or live, including but not limited to Etsy, eBay, Artfire, etc.

If you intend to sell projects made from Kim Guzman Patterns, no designer credit is necessary and is discouraged. I do not currently make finished items for sale and I want to discourage people from contacting me with these requests. And, honestly, if you’re making a project for sale, why would you want to tell people where they can make the item themselves? If someone asks you for the pattern source, you can certainly give it to them. But, it is unnecessary to give designer credit on a product label or on a product page of a website.

While you are allowed to make the projects from CrochetKim.com for sale, you may NOT use my photos for selling your projects. You’re going to have to make the item and produce your own photos. You can’t use mine.

You may not use Kim Guzman Patterns for mass production. You can sell the projects, but let’s keep it reasonable.

If you intend to sell projects made from any of the Kim Guzman Patterns, please consider contacting me with the information since I may use this information when developing new designs.

You may use Kim Guzman Patterns to develop classes which you intend to teach in live venues. (No online classes or online video tutorials without permission.) Please have your students visit my page and hard print the pattern for the class. Don’t just print it and make a lot of copies. At least allow me to get the traffic from my patterns. What you teach in class is your business. My patterns are my business. Allow me to continue with my business.

You may print Kim Guzman Patterns and give them to your offline friends, as long as my name and website information remains intact. (For example: Do not copy/paste into a Word document, deleting all the information except the pattern and then distribute it.) This is handy for your grandmother who would like the pattern. However, when sharing with your online friends, please simply give them a link to the page. It’s a win-win for both of us. I make a small amount (VERY small) when people visit my website. As long as I continue to make some form of income from my free patterns, I will continue providing them. If everyone copies and shares the patterns, I have no way of making an income from it. I work hard to provide these patterns and I prefer not to work for free. I wouldn’t ask you to work for free and I don’t expect you to ask me to work for free. If you want the free patterns to continue flowing, share the link.

You may not claim any of Kim Guzman Patterns as your own pattern.

You may not sell Kim Guzman Patterns. (Yes, believe it or not, this is necessary. There are actually people selling free patterns found online. This is not allowed with CrochetKim.com free patterns.)

You may not use any of Kim Guzman Patterns to make a kit for sale without permission.

Making translations is considered to be a derivative work under copyright law. You may not translate any of my patterns and make them available without my permission. You are, of course, allowed to translate and use my patterns for your own personal use. Please contact me if you have made a translation and would like to make it available on the internet and I can post it on my website in your name.

Thank you for your cooperation.