15 Beautiful Crochet Backpack Patterns (with pictures!)

We’ve found 15 amazing crochet backpack patterns for hookers of all skill levels. They make fantastic personal gifts for the whole family and they have never been more in style than they are right now while handmade is experiencing a bit of a boom.

We’ve put together a list of crochet backpack patterns with something for everyone including kids, teens, and even the picky fashionable adult in your life who only shops high end. 

Crochet Summer Bag by A Plush Pineapple

Crochet Summer Backpack

A lightweight bag that can be a backpack, purse, or a tote bag depending on your needs.

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Little Backpack by Nicki’s Homemade Crafts

Small Crochet Backpack

A fantastic little backpack that doesn’t require any sewing or any fabric lining thanks to being so thick and sturdy.

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Striped Boho Backpack by Pletionica

striped boho backpack

Delicate and easy to make, yet ready to stand up to the rigors of daily life.

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Mini Basketball Backpack by Bear Rye

Small Basketball Backpack

A great little back that makes a great gift for the basketball lover in your family.

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Summer Festival Backpack by The Morning Whisper

Summer Festival Backpack

A simple backpack that is perfect for beginners but doesn’t look like a beginner bag.

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Wanderlust Chevron Backpack by A Crocheted Simplicity

Crochet Chevron Backpack

The perfect backpack to use as a day pack while you travel the world or go out and hike a trail.

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Magical Unicorn Backpack by Sheepish Stitches

Magical Unicorn Backpack

The Magical Unicorn backpack may not be for beginners, but it is a joy to make and the unicorn lover in your life with thank you profusely for such a unique gift.

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Crochet Backpack by Handmade by Raine

Easy Crochet Backpack

This backpack may not have a name but where it lacks in name it makes up in style. This is the sort of backpack you’d pay $50 for in a designer store.

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Boulevard Backpack by KoziKnitz

Boulevard Backpack Crochet

Perfect for bringing with you to a festival or other event. This simple but gorgeous backpack will go well with whatever you’re wearing.

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Drawstring Mini Backpack by A Crocheted Simplicity

Simple Drawstring Backpack

Mini backpacks are all the rage right now and so is DIYing, put those two things together and you’ve got the Drawstring Mini Backpack.

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Vintage Li’l Backpack by MaGalinaLatvia

Vintage Li’l Backpack

The 90s are back in fashion which means this little backpack will be in high demand.

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Dinosaur Backpack by A Crafty Concept

Crochet Dinosaur Backpack

This little dinosaur backpack is the perfect gift for little ones in love with dinosaurs as it lets them become the dinosaur.

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Zeffirka Backpack by I Love Create Store

Backpack Zeffirka

A sophisticated backpack that you could swear you bought in an expensive department store and no one would know better.

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Striped Mini Backpack by A Crocheted Simplicity

Striped Crochet Backpack

An easy to make backpack that will be loved by preteens and teens alike as it is THE style for backpacks right now.

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The Gorge Backpack by Tzigns

The Gorge Backpack

A heavy duty backpack that can take the stresses of everyday life with ease.

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