19 of the Best Crochet Kits for Kids

As a crocheter who learned at a very young age, I just WISH someone had bought me one of these fantastic kits!

When looking at crochet kits for children, I’m looking at a few factors: easy, fun, educational, fun, engaging, and most importantly, fun! Keep in mind that these kits are designed for children at least 10 years of age.

Top Pick
The Woobles Beginner Crochet Kit

My all-time favorite kit is the Woobles kit. This one is perfect for the older kid who can follow along with video tutorials. Not only will your child end up with an adorable time, but they will also have a blast learning with excellently produced video instructions. 

Most Affordable
Boye Jonah's Hands Rainbow Crochet Kit

The Jonah Larson kits by Boye range in price, but this rainbow kit gets you the most bang for your buck. You get everything your child needs to make a beautiful piece of art for a bargain price.

Most Viral
Crochet Bee Amigurumi Kit

Of course, with the age of the internet and social media, the virality of certain projects will change over time. But currently, children (and adults) of all ages are OBSESSED with crochet bees! This kit provides everything your child needs to create their own little bee.

The Best Crochet Kits For Kids Reviewed

Jonah Larson Kits

Jonah Larson is a 12-year-old boy who went viral as a crochet prodigy. His speed, skill, and enthusiasm for crochet make him an amazing role model for young crocheters.

He has written several books and has several crochet kits produced by Boye. Each of these kits is an amazing choice for young creators since they were designed by one. 

Stuffed Koala

Crochet a simple little koala and learn skills like pom pom making, crochet in the round, and some basic embroidery to complete this affordable kit. For a bargain price you receive the pattern, all materials, a crochet hook, yarn needle, and stuffing.

Rainbow Wall Hanging

This simple wall hanging kit is our most affordable kit listed. This rainbow wall hanging teaches simple stitches, increases, tassel making, and more. The kit includes the pattern, all materials needed, including a tassel maker. 


This crochet kit is a little more involved than the Koala but is full of fun! This sweet little gnome kit will teach skills like the loop stitch and sewing on buttons.

At a little higher price point than the Koala, this kit includes all the same materials, plus a few extras like stitch markers and embellishments. 

Granny Square Accessories

The Granny Square is one of the most recognizable stitches used in crochet! With its rise in popularity over the last year, your child will adore the on-trend granny square accessories.

This kit includes a pattern and materials to make a small pouch for headphones or earbuds, a pencil case, and a mini purse. This kit will teach your child to make a granny square, join the squares, sew buttons, and more. 

Cute Critters

Get ready to have more little critters around with this adorable crochet kit. With enough materials to make an owl, a koala, and a kitten. This kit includes three patterns and all materials needed.

Not only will your child learn to make simple amigurumi, but this kit also includes instructions for basic cross stitch and embroidery to add details to their creations. 

Stitchin’ Kids

This line of crochet kits is a little more involved than Jonah’s kits, targeting the 12+ age range.

These kits are well priced and include polyester yarn, stuffing, and all the embellishments.

The Stitchin’ Kids kits include a small plastic crochet hook. However, the quality of the hook is very bad. I recommend giving your child an aluminum hook to work with to avoid frustration. 


The llama kit will teach your child more advanced shapes in amigurumi and more intricate embroidered details. 


The Sloth is the simplest of the Stitchin’ Kids kits. With simple shapes and techniques, your young crocheter will have a new stuffed friend in no time. 


The Woobles kits rank as our top pick for best-quality crochet kits. These kits come in various experience levels, include a generous supply of materials, and have a pattern with accompanying video tutorials.

These detailed, step-by-step videos will guide your child through the patterns with minimal outside help. 


Part of the beginner-level line of crochet kits, the dinosaur is simple and easy to make. The dinosaur is a straightforward but adorable pattern that anyone can make.

The Woobles even pre-start the project for you, working the first round to help you get off to an easy start. The kit includes video instructions along with written instructions. 

The Woobles Easy Peasy Beginner Bundle

This all-inclusive bundle will teach your child to crochet from the very beginning steps to the end. The bundle includes 4 kits together. This is the best deal if your child wants to work on several of these kits. 

Kits from Designers

Many independent crochet designers have put together easy kits for kids or adults to get started. When you purchase one of these kits, you support a small business! Each kit is thoughtfully designed and hand-packed with care. 

Amigurumi Bee

This super-soft plushy bee kit contains all you need to make a viral stuffed bumblebee.

The kit includes ultra-soft polyester yarn in three colors, safety eyes, stuffing, hook, two needles, thread for seams, straight pins, stitch markers, and more! The pattern is color-coded to help the learner quickly work through this easy and fun kit. 

Garden Mums Granny Square Blanket

Make your first blanket using this beautiful kit! It includes all the yarn and tools you need to complete the granny square blanket, including a video tutorial.

Since this kit requires you to make a lot of squares to get a full blanket, you will get lots of practice making these sweet floral granny squares. 

Flower Garland

This easy crochet flower garland kit focuses on easy stitches and small, accomplishable steps to get your child crocheting quickly. The kit includes eco-friendly wool yarn, a hook, and a pattern booklet with clear instructions. The designer offers unlimited email support for this pattern to help you through any challenging steps. 

Licensed Kits

While these kits tend to be geared more toward those with some crochet experience, they are a delightful way to engage your child in the craft.

Select a kit that features characters from your child’s favorite movie or franchise, and they won’t be able to stop until they have made all the characters!

The Mandalorian

The popular show on Disney+ features a wide range of fun characters. This kit includes the materials to make both the Mandalorian and Grogu.

The tools, such as hook, safety eyes, needle, and stuffing, are also included. The pattern book not only gives you the instruction for the two main characters but a total of 12 characters from the show. You will need to purchase additional materials to make the 10 other patterns. 

My Little Pony

This adorable crochet kit includes the yarn, stuffing, tools, and embellishments to make Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash. The pattern book is full of illustrations that show every detail of the project to help you get the finished product you love. The pattern book includes patterns for 12 characters from the My Little Pony series. 

Marvel Universe 

The Marvel Universe kit, much like the ones above, includes all the materials you need to make two of the characters included in the pattern book.

With the yarn, stuffing, hook, and embellishments provided, you can make Spiderman and Captain America. This kit is more advanced than many others, so if your child is making it, they will definitely need help. 

Disney Princesses

This kit includes the yarn, stuffing, tools, and embellishments to make Ariel from The Little Mermaid and Cinderella. After you finish those two, you can purchase additional materials to make 10 more princesses from your favorite movies! The finished items are small but fun to make and play with. 

Get Crocheting!

Whether you are purchasing a kit to help your child learn or a kit to make for your child, you can’t go wrong with the fun options in this article.

We love The Woobles for their dedication to quality and education! And while the licensed kits lack some materials, I might be getting one to make for my own kids. Whichever you choose, enjoy your time crocheting them!

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