10 Bright and Beautiful Free Crochet Patterns

Bright Crochet Pattern Collage

I am so ready for the beautiful colors of spring! My Dutch irises should be blooming within a month. I can hardly wait for them. Here is a Link Blast in anticipation of some bold, bright and beautiful color.

Shown (left to right, top to bottom)

1. Granny Stripe Boutique Bag from Tangled Happy

2. Dream Circle by Carolyn Christmas from Pink Mambo

3. Spring Wreath by Sarah Zimmerman from Repeat Crafter Me

4. Tunisian Washcloth from Poppy & Bliss

5. Newborn Cable Beanie by Kim Guzman from CrochetKim

6. Green Zebra Booties from Croby Patterns

7. Amazing Grace Baby Blanket by Elena Bradshaw from Beatrice Ryan Designs

8. Starflower Mandala from Zooty Owl

9. Loopy Love Baby Sweater by Tamara Kelly from Moogly

Not Shown

A blue hat

10. Hint of Spring Beanie by Kathy Lashley from ELK Studio

This concludes your Monday roundup. Enjoy!

Here is a photo of one of my irises from a prior year.

A close up of a flower