The Best Yarn For Making Amigurumi

The art of amigurumi is taking the crochet community by storm. Viral TikToks, adorable patterns, and adventurous techniques keep creators busy with this fun crochet art style.

This article will discuss the best types of yarn to use for amigurumi and what effects to expect from these types of yarn. 

Best Yarns For Amigurumi By Type

Acrylic Yarns

Acrylic yarn is the most affordable yarn you can choose to make amigurumi with. Its synthetic fibers are both hypoallergenic and vegan. However, it is considered a plastic and not as earth-friendly as other types of yarn. 


As the most common yarn available in major craft stores, you will never lack for colors. Almost every color and shade is available in acrylic yarn – making it possible to create any character your mind can imagine. 


Acrylic yarn is meant to imitate wool to some degree, so it possesses more bounce than most of the other yarns we will discuss.

To counteract the stretchiness of the yarn, use a hook several sizes smaller than recommended on the yarn packaging. Most designers recommend using a D/3.75 mm hook or smaller for worsted-weight acrylic yarn. 


Even though acrylic yarn is basically plastic, it does not get high marks for durability. While the durability factors vary from brand to brand, acrylic will generally pill, fray, or break with excessive tension.

If you choose acrylic, avoid the softer, less durable varieties, such as Caron Simply Soft or anything else advertised as a very soft acrylic. 

Best Acrylic Yarn For Amigurumi

Select one of the following brands if you want to use acrylic to make amigurumi:

Red Heart Super Saver

This classic yarn is a staple for many crocheters and many projects. As one of the most affordable yarns on the market, some complain that it isn’t soft or stretchy enough – but those factors make it perfect for amigurumi.

  • Colors: 106 shades available
  • Stretch: Less than many acrylics
  • Durability: Good

Paintbox Simply Aran

One of the most popular brands for making amigurumi, you can never go wrong with Paintbox yarns. 

  • Colors: 62+ shades
  • Stretch: Average for acrylic
  • Durability: Good

Store Brand Acrylic Yarn

Most craft stores sell their own brand of acrylic yarn. The yarn is made in the same factory but has a different label for marketing purposes. 

  • Colors: A lot! Check your favorite craft store for available colors.
  • Stretch: Average
  • Durability: Average

Wool Yarns

While not the most affordable option, wool yarn is quite popular for amigurumi. This fiber type is best for projects where you plan to add needle felting or brush out for a fluffy, furry look. 


A wide variety of colors are available in wool, depending on the look you want to achieve. Mass-produced wool yarns are a treasure trove of muted, calm colors if you prefer a rustic palette for your creations.

If you prefer something a little more fantastical for a fantasy-inspired look, many hand dyers offer an incredible array of unique colorways that will help your projects to stand out. 


Wool naturally possesses a good amount of bounce and stretch, but some wools have less than others. Generally, wool is a little less stretchy than acrylic and holds its shape quite well. 


The durability of wool depends on how tightly it is spun. Many softer wools will pill or fray quickly, but using a rougher wool will give your projects better longevity. 

Best Wool Yarn For Amigurumi

The following yarns are tried and true amigurumi wools. 

Wool of the Andes Worsted

This 100% Peruvian highland wool is not the softest wool you could crochet with, but it was designed with durability in mind. With a wide array of both bright and neutral colors and a tweed option, you will be able to make anything your heart desires. 

  • Colors: Over 100 colors to choose from, including tweed options
  • Stretch: average, but less than most acrylics
  • Durability: above average


Also, 100% Peruvian highland wool, this sturdy yarn is equal parts sturdy and beautiful. 

  • Colors: 108 shades, including heathers
  • Stretch: average
  • Durability: above average

Hand Dyed by Sheepyshire

If you are looking for fantastical colorways to add an air of fantasy to your amigurumi, check out the popular dyers on Etsy. This shop features 100% superwash Merino worsted weight wools. Even though the price is much higher for these quality yarns, the unique fiber will help your work stand out as an art piece. 

  • Colors: Unlimited – just check different sellers for different colorways
  • Stretch: A little more than highland wool; use a smaller hook
  • Durability: average

Polyester Yarns

This unique synthetic fiber is currently the most popular in the crochet amigurumi community online.

Available in a wide variety of textures, this yarn will give your amigurumi an extra plushy feel. While more expensive than acrylic, it is less costly than wool.

The softness of this yarn type is unparalleled, but it is also sturdy and not stretchy. Many believe this is the best yarn for amigurumi on the market. 


Polyester yarns are available in almost as many colors as acrylic. If you prefer a specific texture, such as faux fur polyester yarn, you may be more limited in your color selection. 


Just like polyester clothes, poly yarn has little to no stretch to it. Since the yarn is so sturdy, your stitches won’t stretch open over time and will keep their shape much longer.


Polyester yarn does not fray or pill like wool or acrylic yarns. With minimal stretch, it is strong and won’t break when pulled tightly. This yarn gets top marks for durability. 

Best Polyester Yarn For Amigurumi

These yarns have taken the internet by storm in their popularity for making amigurumi. 

Fable Fur

Although limited in color selection, this furry yarn creates the perfect fuzzy fabric to build your amigurumi out of. This yarn might shed a little and is challenging to work with, but the finished product is well worth the effort. 

  • Color: Limited to mostly neutrals with a few fantasy colors
  • Stretch: Not stretchy at all
  • Durability: Very durable, but may shed a little while working with it

Bernat Blanket

This thick, fuzzy yarn will take a small pattern into a giant plushy that anyone can fall in love with. Available in a lighter-weight version as well, this yarn is both sturdy and soft for the perfect amigurumi.

  • Color: Limited to 60 shades
  • Stretch: Not stretchy at all
  • Durability: Very durable, but may shed while working with it.

Premier Parfait Chunky

Available in various weights and colors, this luxuriously soft and shiny yarn will give your amigurumi a unique appearance. 

  • Color: 53 shades
  • Stretch: Not stretchy at all
  • Durability: Average; may break when pulled too tightly


My favorite yarn for amigurumi is cotton. It is affordable, durable, and gives a rustic look that I love. Your stitch definition is beautiful and lets your craftsmanship shine. Not all cottons are created equal, so choose one that is sturdy and well spun. 


Cotton is available in a wide variety of solids and variegated colors. 


Most cotton yarns are not stretchy at all. Only those that are blended with acrylic will have more stretch to them. 


Some cotton yarns are prone to fraying, pilling, or breaking, so choose a high-quality cotton, and you can’t go wrong. 

Best Cotton Yarn For Amigurumi

With a wide variety of cottons to choose from, you will find the perfect one for your amigurumi. 

Sugar n’ Cream

This most basic of cotton yarns are usually used for making wash clothes, towels, and other similar projects. But the wide array of colors, affordability, and easy accessibility make it a perfect yarn for amigurumi artists who want to try cotton. 

  • Colors: 39 solids, 24 ombre
  • Stretch: Not stretchy at all
  • Durability: Average, might break if pulled too tightly

Paintbox Yarns

This tried and tested cotton yarn is one of the most popular cottons for making amigurumi. 

  • Colors: 64 shades
  • Stretch: Not stretchy at all
  • Durability: Better than Sugar n’ Cream, but might break if pulled too tightly


With many shades available and different styles of colorways, this cotton yarn is full of potential for your next project. 

  • Colors: 36 solids, 18 multi, and 12 twist
  • Stretch: Not stretchy
  • Durability: Average, may pill or break over time

How To Choose a Yarn For Amigurumi

When selecting the perfect yarn for amigurumi, some of the top factors to consider are color availability, amount of stretch, and durability. 


While you can use any color you want to do your project, selecting yarns with a wide range of colors will give you more options as you create more characters. 


A yarn with a lot of stretch may not hold the stuffing, as well as a stiffer yarn. Very bouncy yarns are challenging to work with since the stitches often gap open. The open stitches look unprofessional and allow stuffing to escape.

Choosing a yarn that isn’t stretchy will give your amigurumi a more cohesive and professional appearance.  


Amigurumi are made with tight, tiny stitches to maintain structure and keep the stuffing in place. You need a yarn that won’t break when pulled tightly but will retain its shape and firmness. 

Types of yarn

The crochet community seems to agree that there are four fiber types that are best suited for making amigurumi. Each type has different pros and cons, so select the yarn that best fits your style and needs. 

What will you make next?

With so many options for amigurumi yarn, you can make a project that truly brings you joy. Whether you prefer the rustic look of wool or the ultra-plushy effect of polyester, any of the above yarns can be used effectively to create unique and beautiful crochet amigurumi.