Popcorn Pastels

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CrochetKim Free Crochet Pattern | Popcorn Pastels Throw @crochetkim

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Popcorn Pastels Throw

designed by Kim Guzman © Aug. 2014

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Technique: Regular Crochet


Approximately 49″ x 56″


  • Crochet Hook: I [9 US 5.5mm] (or size to obtain gauge)
  • Red Heart Soft yarn: 5 skeins white and 2 skeins each of Lavender, Leaf, Rose Blush and Turquoise
  • Yarn needle (for weaving ends)


7 rows of Popcorn “clusters” measures 7″ in length; each strip measures 2.75″ x 56″

Special Stitches

Popcorn: Work 4 dc in space indicated, extend working lp on your hook slightly and remove hook, insert hook under top two lps of the first dc worked of 4-dc group, pull the extended working lp through, adjust lp to tighten stitch, if necessary.


Afghan consists of 17 strips: 4 each of Rose Blush, Leaf and Turquoise, and 5 of Lavender.

With one of the non-white colors and crochet hook, ch 5, join with sl st to first ch to form a ring, sl st into ring, ch 4 (counts as dc and ch-1 here and throughout), Popcorn in same ring, ch 3, Popcorn in same ring, ch 1, dc in same ring. With a small piece of contrasting yarn, mark this row as the front of work and as the bottom of the Strip. *Turn, sl st in first ch-1 s and in ch-3 sp, ch 4, (Popcorn, ch 3, Popcorn, ch 1, dc) into same ch-3 sp, rep from * until 56 rows have been completed, push all Popcorns (where necessary) through to the front of Strip, fasten off.

Rnd 1: Join White with sl st to the ch-3 sp worked, ch 3 (3 dc, ch 3, 4 dc) in same ch-3 sp (beg corner made), working along long side of strip, * sc around post of dc of row below, 2 dc in sp between rows, rep from * 52 times more, sc around post of dc of last row, (4 dc, ch 3, 4 dc) in ch-sp at bottom of strip (corner made), rep for opposite side of strip, sl st to top ch of first ch-3.

Rnd 2: Ch 3, dc in each of st around entire strip, with Corner worked in each ch-3 sp at top and bottom of strip, sl st to top ch of first ch-3, fasten off.


With yarn needle and White, with right sides facing, whipstitch the Strips together through the back loops only, according to diagram, leaving the corner stitches free and not stitched together. Weave in all ends carefully.

CrochetKim Free Crochet Pattern | Popcorn Pastels Throw

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