Kassie Cowl Free Tunisian Crochet Pattern

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Kassie Cowl

designed by Kim Guzman © Nov. 2012
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Technique: Tunisian Crochet In The Round

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Learn Tunisian crochet in-the-round with the Mardi Gras Cowl here.

Finished Size

approx. 8” x 33” circumference


Color A: fingering weight, 200 yds

Color B: fingering weight, 200 yds

Suggested hook size: Size 6.5mm [US K-10 ½] double-ended Tunisian Afghan Hook (10” hook recommended but any length can be used)

Needle (for weaving ends)

Stitch marker (optional)

Yarn Suggestions

Wool Tree Yarn’s fingering weight

Alisha Goes Around’s fingering weight

Vice’s fingering weight

Bronotta Yarn’s superwash sock


In stitch pattern, 15 stitches for 14 rows = 4”.

Special Stitches

Tunisian Simple Stitch (tss): Insert hook under front vertical bar of stitch, from side-to-side, yarn over, pull a loop through.

Tunisian Purl Stitch (tps): Bring yarn to front and under stitch, hold briefly with non-hook hand, work tss. The yarn will wrap the vertical bar and look like a “purl bump.”

Modified Tunisian Simple Stitch (mod-tss): Insert hook under front vertical bar of stitch as for tss and in top horizontal bar of closing chain behind it, yarn over, pull a loop through.

Additional Abbreviations

ch=chain; lp(s)=loop(s); sk=skip; st(s)=stitch(es); yo=yarn over

Crochet Pattern Instructions

Foundation Row

Step 1: With A, ch 126, with B, pull up one more ch, sk 1 ch (the one made with B), continuing with B, insert hook in back horizontal bar of next ch, yo, pull lp through, retaining loop on hook, 2 loops now on hook, *insert hook in horizontal bar of next ch, yo, pull lp through, repeat from * only until you have enough lps to comfortably fill the hook. Do not work all the way across the entire foundation chain.

Step 2: Turn your work to begin working with the opposite hook. Push the lps toward that opposite hook. Now with A, ch 1 to close the first lp. [Yo, pull through 2 lps on hook] across, closing each st up to the last 2 or 3 sts. Always close to the last 2 or 3 sts. Closing all of them will cause a loss of tension and you can lose stitches.

Step 3: Turn your work to begin again with first end of the hook. Push the lps toward that hook. Continue pulling up lps as for Step 1 until the lps comfortably fill the hook.

Step 4: Turn your work and close the lps up to the last 2 or 3.
Repeat the steps until you have worked completely across the chain. Close all up to the last 2 or 3 lps. At the end of the foundation row, you will have 4 total lps on your hook—1 of Color A and 2 (or 3) of Color B.


Form a large circle with the Foundation Row of your work, being very careful that there are no twists. Bring the first stitch close to the last stitch. You will begin stitching into the very first stitch made. There is no joining (such as a slip stitch). You will be working in a spiral fashion throughout until completion.

Place the ends together and work tss in the first stitch of the Foundation Row. If you like, mark this first stitch with a stitch marker.

There will be a small opening at the join which will be closed during finishing.

Working in A Spiral

Step 1: Working in [1 tps, 1 tss] around pull up lps only until they will comfortably fill the hook as for Step 1 of Foundation Row. Do not ever go around the entire round, even if you have a cabled double-ended hook and they will fit.

Step 2: Turn your work and close the lps up to the last 2 or 3. Always leave 2 or 3 sts.

Continue working Steps 1 and 2. You will work around and around and around.

When you reach the beginning of Round 3, you will be working in a stitch pattern of tss into tps and tps into tss. If this does not work, you may have skipped a stitch somewhere. Work 2 stitches together to correct.

If you have decided to use a stitch marker, move it up as each round is completed. In truth, it will never matter if one side of your cowl has one round extra than the other side. No one will ever notice.

Continue working in one continuous round until piece measures 8” high or until desired height or until yarn ends.

Binding Off

To begin, work off all loops on your hook except one loop of Color A. This is the only time you will close all loops (even the last 2 or 3 that have always remained previously). Fasten off Color B.
You will bind off in Color A. While there is one loop on your hook, insert hook as you would for mod-tss, yarn over and pull loop through, but pull it through the loop on the hook as well. You are creating a slip stitch with a mod-tss insertion. Keep in mind that it’s just a slip stitch and it will be easy to do. Slip stitch around the entire project. Fasten off.


Once complete, use a yarn needle to weave in all ends and join the foundation chain. Block as desired.