The Best Crochet Blocking Tools

Blocking your crochet adds a professional finish to your project. In this article, we look at the best tools to block your projects. If you need to learn more about blocking, check out the following articles:

Best Bundle Deals

If you’re starting with little to no blocking tools, these deals will provide you with all the tools you need. 

Basic Blocking Kit From WeCrochet

This all-inclusive deluxe set includes a full set of blocking mats, two packages of rustproof t-pins, one set of blocking pins, and one set of blocking wires. This package is especially perfect for those who make garments and shawls with the added blocking wires. 

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Red Suricata Knit Blocking Set

This comprehensive set includes a bundle of lined blocking mats, providing precise measurements for the best results. The set also includes a set of adjustable sock blockers, blocking pins, and t-pins. While the set is an excellent source of blocking supplies, the t-pins are not the best quality and might rust. 

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Best Blocking Mats and Boards

While you can block your finished crochet projects on a spare bed or on foam children’s play mats, a dedicated set of blocking mats will provide a faster dry time. 

Blocking Mats From WeCrochet

The basic blocking mats offered by We Crochet are unlined, dense foam. These mats will hold your pins firmly in place and provide a protective surface to block your crochet on. The mats are textured on top to promote airflow on both the top and bottom of your blocking project to decrease the dry time. 

This budget-friendly interlocking set includes nine 12.5” mats that can be arranged in different ways to accommodate many project types. 

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Premium Blocking Mats From WeCrochet

The premium blocking mats from We Crochet are thicker than the basic alternative they offer. The ½” thick mats feature a textured side for faster drying. The back of the mats features a 1” grid to better measure your finished project. This grid is especially useful when blocking squares or doilies, ensuring perfect sizing every time. 

This nine-mat set also includes a poly-carrying case and a set of 100 t-pins. 

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Blocking Mat for Circular Projects

Nothing is more challenging than blocking a doily into that perfect circle. Take the pain out by using these blocking mats. Each of the nine blocking mats features a 1” grid in addition to curved lines to form a circle. You can arrange the mats into a 3×3 square to create a large circle or arrange them in different ways to create curved lines needed to block curves to perfection. 

This quality foam set also includes a carrying case and 50 t-pins. 

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Olikraft Wood Blocking Board

A wood blocking board is perfect for blocking multiple pieces of the same size all at once. These boards are specially designed to block granny squares and other blanket squares to an equal size before you seam them into a blanket.

Simply space the pegs to the desired size and stack the squares up, one corner on each peg, until you have as many as you can fit. Always leave a little room for airflow. 

This high-quality wooden board will block projects for many years and stand up to the wear of time. 

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Blocking Pins

When choosing pins to block your crochet projects, always get rustproof stainless steel to prevent staining your finished piece. 

Blulu Steel T-Pins

While any style of rustproof pins will work, t-pins are especially popular for blocking. The pins with the glass bead heads tend to slip between the stitches, failing to hold your work in place. With t-pins, your work is held securely and won’t slip off the pin. However, t-pins tend to be a little more expensive than glass headed pins. 

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Pearlized Ball-Head Quilting Pins

If you’re on a budget, simple ball-head quilting pins will do the trick. You might struggle a bit to keep your work on the ball-head pins, but they will do the trick. 

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LAMXD Knit Blockers Combs and Pins set

Placing each individual pin is a tedious exercise. With blocking combs, you can place several pins at once. The even spacing of the pins in each comb guarantees straighter edges in your finished project than when you place each pin separately. 

This set includes 13 eight-pin blockers, 12 four-pin blockers, a measuring tape, and a bonus 100 t-pins. This comprehensive set is a great deal to start your blocking journey.

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Blocking Accessories

Once you have the basics, a few accessories can enhance your blocking experience. From spray bottles to blocking wires, each accessory will benefit the overall blocking outcome. 

Continuous Mist Spray Bottle

Since you need water to properly block your projects, having a quality spray bottle on hand will keep your work wet until you are finished pinning it. For mist-blocking, a continuous-mist spray bottle will yield the most consistent results. 

This bottle produces a fine mist without the need for continual hand motion to keep the water moving. Since crocheters are already placing stress on our wrists and hands regularly, a continuous mist spray bottle is an excellent way to avoid adding additional pressure to your hands.

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Soak Detergent

Many crocheters like to wash their projects before blocking them to remove any oils, dust, or pet dander that might have accumulated during the making. Since you want to avoid stretching your stitches, washing in the machine is not always recommended. If you are unable to machine-wash your project, try using Soak. 

The Soak Wash can be dispensed into a tub of warm water and swished to create suds. Simply squeeze the mixed water and detergent through your project and allow it to soak for a few minutes. No rinsing is necessary. Press the excess water out of the project and block normally. 

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Lace-Blocking Wires

Blocking delicate lace items can be challenging. Lace-blocking wires remove the excess effort of placing sometimes hundreds of pins by hand. Weave the wires in and out of the edge of your work and pin the wires in place. Only a few pins are needed to block what normally would take many, many pins. 

Lace-blocking wires also ensure that your project will have neat, straight edges. I also use my lace-blocking wires when blocking garment panels to shape to ensure that they are all the proper size with neat edges that are easy to seam together.

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Shaped Blockers

While most items can easily be blocked on a mat with pins, some items, like gloves, socks, mittens, and hats, benefit from a shaped blocker that will keep your finished item the correct shape and size. 

Silly Monkey Sock Blockers

This set of sock blockers comes with three different sizes and a drying hanger. With these blockers, you can dry socks made for the entire family in one easy place. The stainless-steel frames will not rust with extended exposure to moisture but will allow ample air circulation for the socks to dry quickly.

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Silly Monkey 3-in-1 Blocker Set

Block mittens, gloves, and socks at the same time with this three blocker set. As with the sock blockers, the stainless-steel frames allow air flow to promote quick drying.

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IUAQDP 3 Sizes Glove Blockers

Wooden blockers are popular among knitters and crocheters. The open-cut hearts promote air circulation while the different sizes allow you to easily adjust for any pair of gloves that need blocking.

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Selecting the Right Tools

While many of these tools can be substituted for items you may have around the house, using dedicated blocking tools will enhance your experience and guarantee the best results for your projects.

With the resources available above and in our other blocking articles, you can find exactly the tools you need to begin your crochet blocking journey.